@ashley oooo I've been starting to put together my own attempt at an ffmpeg workshop - these are some great/simple visuals for muxing/transcoding/changing properties!


I really need to learn how to use GitHub! I use git for my homework but nothing more than "git commit -am". A few years ago I did a small teen program called "Gif Outta Here" where I made a couple of scripts, one Windows and one Linux, that made pretty high quality gifs. It gave the kids an intro to ffmpeg, youtube-dl, and the idea of variables. I'd like to share that on GitHub someday.

@ron_houk @The_BFOOL I’d really like to see that!!! FWIW if it helps my git guides (and ffmpeg) are all here: training.ashleyblewer.com although it’s for super duper newbies I don’t really go deeper than ‘git commit’ either (yet)!!!

@ashley @The_BFOOL I'll try to take a look sometime this weekend, if the kiddos allow it. I'll message you if I manage to pull it off! 😀

@ashley @The_BFOOL Just looking through the pdf, I guess it was also an intro to the command line on windows and for using mpv as well. :)

@ashley checked out some stuff on your training page. Such a great resource. Thanks!👏

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