Any experts out there who can point me in the right direction in understanding why the same script that creates working video captures in Arch Linux, fails to create working video files in Ubuntu 18.04? @ashley @The_BFOOL

@ron_houk @ashley hmmmm are they exactly the same version and configuration of ffmpeg? my first instinct is that maybe the Arch and Ubuntu package managers install different versions/configurations of ffmpeg by default (so maybe Ubuntu's "apt install" doesn't include a flag/dependency that Arch's does?)

@The_BFOOL @ashley They are different. There are tons of differences. I don't know where to start. There's actually a warning in ubuntu's. It says "WARNING: library configuration mismatch" Would that make files so that the user can't fast forward through them?

@The_BFOOL When I just run the ffmpeg command Ubuntu has an entire other configuration section entitled "avcodec configuration" which is not there at all with Arch. @ashley

@ron_houk @ashley ah, ok, yeah, I'm not familiar with Arch but there's definitely some funky licensing stuff with Ubuntu where they don't distribute a lot media codecs by default (are you making MP4s?); could be that ffmpeg isn't encoding things 100% because it's missing codec dependencies from the OS

try running
sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras libavcodec-extra

if that doesn't work you may need to find a multimedia-enhanced Ubuntu ffmpeg package, I think there's one out there

@ron_houk @ashley yeah, there's an "Ubuntu Multimedia" package on ffmpeg's download site, that would probably include a more optimized configuration of ffmpeg for your purposes than Ubuntu's default offering, you might want to install that manually if installing the third-party codecs doesn't work:

@The_BFOOL I'm trying to capture to ffv1. Would you have a moment to look at my ffmpeg command line and see if there is anything I'm obviously doing wrong?


@ron_houk @ashley huh, sorry, nothing's leaping out at me from the command itself! I'm just stuck on what could make it work in Arch and not Ubuntu, but I can't think what encoding dependency would be different for ffv1/mkv. the mediaconch errors might be helpful, but Ashley would be better at reading those than me!!!

@ron_houk @The_BFOOL sorry I missed this!! I signed off and push notifications were off! 😫😫

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