The Gamecube and PS2 are more than 20 years old.

When the Gamecube was released in north america (2001) the SNES was 10 years old. The NES (north american release) was 16 years prior.

The Gamecube and PS2 are older now than the NES was when the gamecube and PS2 were released.

I imagine this means that the gamecube and the PS2 and the xbox (and possibly even the wii and the ps3 and the xbox 360?) occupy the retro game space for modern kids that my NES and SNES did for my brother and (to a lesser extent) myself?

Been a few months since I’ve done an Offline Day (24 hours unplugged on the first Friday/Saturday of the month), but I have my books/magazines/housework list/cooking plans/cross stitch/calligraphy set, and I am ready…

Attention’s been on other projects (back into a regular routine of working on the Bloodlines doc, finally!), but today I’m indexing the most recent Gaming Alexandria-scanned Famitsus from 1993 (many were DMCAed this week, but the last month’s uploads are still on the Archive) alongside random issues of a UK OG Xbox magazine called XBM.

I wired the brick up as a very small external monitor, so you can, for instance, play Doom on it.

Long shot, but does anyone have any idea where White Wolf might have run advertising for the first edition TTRPG sourcebooks in the late 1990s/early 2000s? Extra points if they're already online...

The remaining 1991 issues of New Computer Express (UK) are indexed — I think that’s every issue! Moved on to Gaming Alexandria’s ongoing uploads of Famitsu (JP) from ’93.

day job nonsense 

Was asked by our overlords’ infosec department (relayed through my boss) for the ‘security key and password’ for our site.

I said, truthfully, that I had no idea what they were talking about. Which got relayed up the line as ‘our developer says we don’t have one’.

It emerged that they actually wanted our SSL certificate and private key. No explanation was offered.

And yet somehow I’m the one who looks like the idiot in this situation.

@asmodai this looks interesting!

I’ve been looking into TagSpaces ( with sidecar files, but I’m not quite sold on it yet. And I know people who use Zotero, which apparently works, but that feels like using the tool ‘wrong’ to me. Wish there were more competitors in that space.

@mxclick Hopefully I’m well covered on both the backups — this has pushed me into adding a bunch more protections — and the liturgies.

My incoming jdownloader folder is 1.41TB, that’s just the stuff I haven’t even put anywhere yet. The queue for the queue.

I’d say I may have a hoarding problem, but is there really such a thing as a hoarding problem when it’s all digital? Unconvinced.

But it’s a task without end, for certain. The acquisition rate’s so high that I don’t think I’m even getting closer over time, expressed as a percentage of completion. But the important thing is that the index is growing.

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Huge extraction/OCR backlog building up behind the pipeline now… the magazine uploaders never take a day off! Will try to get through as many 1990 New Computer Express (51 issues in .pdf and .cbr; I index them both, since more sources of OCR = more opportunities for a search match) as I can.

Bit of a scare this morning when my Mac booted straight to recovery mode. It’s back now but definitely on borrowed time.

New machine I’ve ordered isn’t going to arrive until the back half of August. Just hang on there lil buddy…

Troika game logos (2001–2004).

Cleaned up from the best scans I could find of each. Feel free to use.

Ingesting 1989’s issues of New Computer Express (UK), a tabloid-style weekly industry newspaper full of absolute gold, uploaded in high resolution by zzapmort:

The upload is kind of a mess tbh (weird formats, misnamed files, nested zips). Took a bunch of labour to get it sorted, but I got there finally.

@misty Finding out about this now. I may be a statistical anomaly but I still use Atom as my daily editor. Ugh.

Been a while, but I’m back to the mags. New scans of OXM (US) and Ozidual’s recent scans of The 64Dream (JP) going in.


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