Troika game logos (2001–2004).

Cleaned up from the best scans I could find of each. Feel free to use.

Electronic Gaming Monthly interviews Ray Liotta (February 2003).

Scripts are chewing slowly through issues of The PlayStation (ザ・プレイステーション).

It was a popular and long-running publication in Japan, published weekly at its peak, but it’s not well preserved; I’ve only found 13 issues of 400 (all on the Internet Archive).

Vangelis was credited in the 'special thanks' section for Sierra's strategy classic Homeworld (1999), alongside some of the team's other influences.

Today I learned that:
• Italy got its own version of Zzap!64
• unlike the original, it was multiplatform
• they're all scanned

“This is dungeoneering near the apex of perfection: the only way to go from here, apart from ultra-high resolution graphics, is by wiring the images straight into the brain.”

The Age (Melbourne, Australia), 5 Nov 1992

Couple more Ultima Underworld additions to the wiki, including this THREE STAR review from the Los Angeles Times, a publication which is now dead to me (literally: they blocked access from the whole of Europe rather than comply with the GDPR).

So I didn't get to the newspaper clippings today after all; sidetracked by extracting these reviews from French magazines, which of course necessitated the downloading of all 100+ issues of each run because they were new to me and that's the kind of thing that happens every time I try a small task.

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Calling game researchers!

I've got an 8+ terabyte collection of old gaming and computer magazines from around the world (it's my goal to catch 'em all), and I've built my own indexer. Roughly half have been indexed — 4 million pages — including a ton of material that can't be found on the Internet Archive.

Whether it's an academic paper or a YouTube video, I'm happy to help with your project.

Dug up more Ultima Underworld stuff for the wiki: advertisements and several magazine previews, including a short one from Famitsu. Don't know if they ever reviewed it; my OCR didn't turn it up if they did. But it did get a JP-exclusive PlayStation release...

Tomorrow I'll hit the newspaper archives; I know the LA Times reviewed Underworld, because they're quoted on one of the ads.

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Okay, half an hour's work and I've added a preview, a short interview and four magazine reviews, including this PC Format cover story featuring a bold (but not entirely undeserved) claim. More next time.

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The third thing should have been scanning and uploading more of these! A couple of boxes of trade press/other gaming magazines, most of them never previously scanned. Another thing I've been neglecting to do

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