Huge extraction/OCR backlog building up behind the pipeline now… the magazine uploaders never take a day off! Will try to get through as many 1990 New Computer Express (51 issues in .pdf and .cbr; I index them both, since more sources of OCR = more opportunities for a search match) as I can.


My incoming jdownloader folder is 1.41TB, that’s just the stuff I haven’t even put anywhere yet. The queue for the queue.

I’d say I may have a hoarding problem, but is there really such a thing as a hoarding problem when it’s all digital? Unconvinced.

But it’s a task without end, for certain. The acquisition rate’s so high that I don’t think I’m even getting closer over time, expressed as a percentage of completion. But the important thing is that the index is growing.

@retrohistories This sort of hits a recent thing I am thinking about: reorganising my entire personal folder structure, also to structure the hoarding. Have been thinking of looking at UCD for some ontology inspiration

@asmodai this looks interesting!

I’ve been looking into TagSpaces ( with sidecar files, but I’m not quite sold on it yet. And I know people who use Zotero, which apparently works, but that feels like using the tool ‘wrong’ to me. Wish there were more competitors in that space.

@retrohistories I tried TagSpaces before, and while I do like the idea, I didn't like the littering of the .tagspaces file/directory, or what it was, over my entire filesystem.

Zotero for folder structuring? Oh, using the import functionality then? That feels kind of wrong indeed. Although they do allow for appropriate annotations.

100% concur the space is rather sparse with tools. I think for now I'll just settle on having a decent file system folder structure to start from.

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