Scripts are chewing slowly through issues of The PlayStation (ザ・プレイステーション).

It was a popular and long-running publication in Japan, published weekly at its peak, but it’s not well preserved; I’ve only found 13 issues of 400 (all on the Internet Archive).

@retrohistories Is there a place you upload these as you go? I potentially have some interest in some issues of this.

@distractedmosfet I’m grabbing them from public sources as I find them. All 13 are here, and some of the scans are recent (in the last month), so I’m hoping more will be uploaded soon:

@retrohistories Oh man. Just encountered an obscure bit if history in here. Browsing through one of these issues I found a page about a Aoyama Love Stories. It jumped out to me as a dating sim I hadn't heard of. Zero english hits on Google. The page mentions it being made by Konami, who at this point had a huge hit IP on their hands with their dating sim Tokimeki Memorial. Sadly, it's a ghost game. The page describes it as a "interactive trendy drama game" (cont)

@retrohistories I suspect what that means is inspired by TV dramas. Most likely the smash hit Long Vacation, which came out a year prior to the issue in question. Konami had Tokimeki on their hands as a hit, Long vacation came out and was huge, so they probably went "...Hey, maybe we should make a dating sim like that?" Sadly... it is a ghost game. Never released. Changed platform to Windows at some point but never released. Whatever Konami's attempt at "TV drama game" was, it's lost to time.

@distractedmosfet Awesome find! So these toots are the first time anybody’s posted about it in English? Blimey.

@retrohistories As far as I can find with google atleast! Perhaps it's come up on some obscure chatroom somewhere. Or maybe on a site that's no longer up.

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