Heya, I'm Chris, an amateur game historian.

I run a community wiki for game research materials (, occasionally upload new things to the Archive (, have an 8+TB hoard of old game magazines I'm slowly indexing (not online), and make mini-documentaries about interesting stories from game history (

Currently working on a video about the turbulent development of Vampire: Bloodlines.

@retrohistories careful on that one, make sure to reach out to first-person contacts. I know several people who worked on it and it was a very traumatizing project, and you want to do your best to avoid retraumatizing but also covering the story fully.

@esdin I'm mostly drawing from existing sources (web/print/audio interviews) on this one because there's so much out there; I did track down one team member (quit before release) to check my perspective.

Can't be certain I have the full story, of course, but no intent to sensationalise or oversimplify. But if you're alluding to a specific point I should steer clear of, something that's not public, I'm not aware of it; just that there was corporate interference and horrible crunch.

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