Does a Homebrew formula for `cpio` (allowing to enable `mt`) already exist?

@reto The libarchive formula includes libarchive's version of cpio; is that what you're looking for?

@misty Thank you very much indeed for the hint! I’ll check if this allows to enable the good old `mt` on macOS.

(To install `mt` alone would fit for my purpose as well. In fact, I wish to use it with `dd`, because I’m quite sure that «my» DLT is not recorded in `tar`.)

@misty At a first look, it seems to me that the current Homebrew implementation does not allow to enable `mt`. However it is an option of the GNU implementation (cpio (GNU cpio) 2.12) and, I guess, with some tuning it can be compiled on macOS as well. A possibly better idea could be to add `mt` alone to libarchives.

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