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Tip for people testing software on Apple Silicon: if your terminal emulator is Intel-only, it will launch shells running under Rosetta and all software you launch will run in Rosetta too.

In other words: if you have a non-universal iTerm, all your CLI tools run in Rosetta.

@misty @The_BFOOL Sorry for stepping in late! As playground for 680x0 I need to use flavours of Mini vMac (for the older), Basilisk II (for the newer) and Shoebill (to run A/UX). I could not figure out a better way on my end so far.

Does anyone out here have the full description of “Рапира” (Расширенный Адаптированный Поплан-Интерпретатор, Редактор, Архив), a procedural programming language from the former USSR? It was implemented on various soviet systems, for example on Агат-9, an Apple II clone. – Directly in BNF would be… “The Seventh Heaven”!

For those of you still needing COBOL:

I have published an alternate Homebrew formula which allows to install not only GNU COBOL 2.0 provided by the canonical formula, but also 3.0-rc1:

brew install --devel avpres/formulae/gcobol

… and on macOS you can import your own preset.txt files by copying them into the folder:

$HOME/Library/Application\ Support/FFCommand_Engine/Presets/

If you compile Tommy Aschenbach’s FFCommand_Engine from source, you get the version 0.6 rather than the version 0.5[.]1

On macOS I did use the parameters:


and the commands:

cd path_to_FFCommand_Engine-master/FFCommand_Engine

Version 1.2 is out!
Memoriav Recommendations “Digital Archiving of Film and Video: Principles and Guidance” by Agathe Jarczyk, Reto Kromer, Yves Niederhäuser and David Pfluger

Does anyone out here have experience with GS/OS and/or GNO/ME?

To install the static library of GoPro’s CineForm codec:

brew install --HEAD avpres/formulae/cineform-gopro

To install alternate dynamic and static CineForm libraries:

brew install --HEAD avpres/formulae/cineform

(Merci beaucoup, Emeric Grange!)

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Attention jpylyzer users - I'm considering some changes to jpylyzer's output format for an upcoming 2.0 release in November. See this note for details: If you have any comments or suggestions just let me know!

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Any vintage computing and/or emulator enthusiasts out there who have favorite hobbyist sites or resources? I realized this was a crucial missing piece in my emulation-resources repo:

Marguerite Engberg celebrated her 100th birthday on the 12th of June. She has been most influential for my professional career in film conservation and restoration.

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Solving the 2038 bug by moving the Unix epoch and using complicated signalling methods to communicate between systems what the epoch represents

The majority of today’s coloured world is based on a BGGR, RGGB, GBRG or GRBG pattern, having a quarter of the red, half of the green and a quarter of the blue information. Yet, of course, at half of the horizontal and vertical pixel resolution you get a full RGB file.

The first public presentation:
… and more to come!

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«We use cookies to enhance your experience.» is a fascist statement. Period.

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Working on a lecture for next week inspired me to properly condense all my bookmarked emulation resources into one basket, and put the list out there for everyone.

If you've got favored blogs/papers/guides for emulation, please contribute and share!!

Sadly cannot longer be installed via Homebrew / Linuxbrew with the options which are useful for AV archivists (e.g. OpenJPEG, Rubberband or Tesseract).

Show more is a space for folks interested in productive conversations about, well, digital preservation! If you enjoy talking about how to do memory work with computers, or even with cardboard boxes of old photos, you belong with us on Many of us are/were Twitter users looking for an inclusive and community supported approach to social media. If any of these things sound good to you, consider joining us now.