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Has anyone thought about using #activitypub for collaborative library cataloging instead of #oclc #worldcat yet? #code4lib

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ear this: in the Malagasy language (Madagascar) the future is imagined to be behind us since no one can see it, while the past is in front of our eyes because it is known and therefore visibile.

i think that using this paradigm we could improve the way we think of archival future and preservation

source: (eng subs available)

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I keep seeing people say Mastodon is nothing like Twitter. And they’re right.

Mastodon is an echo of the old internet, it’s decentralised, chaotic. What you get depends on your sysadmin. You can’t search, everything has to be shared to you by a human. Networks split apart and rejoin. What you see is your unique connection to it.

Is this good? Maybe. But for me that’s the internet I grew up with. No algorithms, no targeted adverts, just human interaction, and it was glorious.

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"A Letter Groove" for #nanogenmo this year: a program to produce images in the style of artists' books, given an #iiif manifest to a manuscript.

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Hacky folks, please resist finding ways to scrape the fediverse, build archives, automate tools and connect to people via bot without their consent. 

Just resist the urge. Because you're not going to think to check for robots.txt, but you ought to, that's how we communicate we don't want to be involved. You're probably not going to bother to read the various terms of service for the instances you touch, many of which explicitly ask you not to do any scraping or automated activity beyond normal use of the service. You're not going to know to respect people using the NoBot hashtag that was meant to prevent automated follows. You're certainly not going to parse user profiles and pinned posts to learn how people like to be approached, what will get you blocked, or even think to heavily throttle your activity because instances are falling over in response to load.

Whatever your thing is, make it 100% opt-in. Make it appropriate for a significantly more at-risk user than you are. Make sure it forgets things, purges info about servers it can't contact, can't operate in any sort of logged-in mode where consent is an issue.

We will straight up help advertise your cool thing if it respects users properly and takes the time to consider the safety and preferences of every person involved. There are a lot of fun, thoughtfully-designed toys! And there are a lot of people really tired of having to come and tell you off when you wanted to help, honestly. Help yourself and ask around before you flip on your cool new thing, let folks point out what you're missing.

"If everyone used Open Source networks or returned to blogging and homepages, their public content can and will still be data-mined by third parties" (2018, the facebook exodus after Cambrige Analytics scandal)

controversial tought: it's powerful to discover new connections and relationships with people,
but data mining in fediverse is easier, we are facilitating the job doing lists of people.

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In a future tweet he will say that disks raid are enough for digital preservation.

uno spazio di discussione web, aperto e non moderato, per condividere saperi ed esperienze su e digitalizzazione dei beni culturali.

siete invitati ad iscrivervi!

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"Yahoo! bought blogging site Tumblr for $1.1 billion in 2013. Yahoo!’s buyer Verizon eventually sold Tumblr to in 2019 for $3 million. The only question for Twitter is how long this takes"

Z-Library 🏴‍☠️ has been taken down :( I looked at libgen after a couple of years, so they have a FRBR model now?
Is this UI perhaps a bit better than any commercial discovery tool?

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Have I shared the Italian cover for 'Ways of Being'? Because it's brilliant, and out now! Thanks @Rizzoli_Books 🇮🇹 More info here:

Digital preservation means also keeping a music album of 4 terabytes. You need 5.7 years to listen it

The chapter “extreme durations” inside Extreme Music is crazy!

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a Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) community of shadow libraries: for discussing theory and techniques on electronic books, digitization, publishing, sharing, discovery and archiving.

for invites write

behind the scene: go-ssb-room


"Through a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network, Mirror’s publishing platform revolutionizes the way we express, share and monetize our thoughts."

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