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Finished the zine about using old technology today! You can download it here:

💾 https://jagtalon.com/2022/12/08/still-going-a-zine-on-using-old-technology/

There are instructions included as well to help you get started if you've never used HyperCard. If you run into any issues, please reach out!

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Brilliant write up by @aurynn of what happened with #RaspberryPi on the fediverse: https://eiara.nz/posts/2022/Dec/09/a-case-study-on-raspberry-pis-incident-on-the-fediverse/

Important read for people in community organizing, marketing, and #DevRel.

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Creating #IIIF prezi3 manifests with python: https://github.com/iiif-prezi/iiif-prezi3 - with full validation on creation (with Pydantic) - looks great

@tb @elotroalex we already follow each other on twitter :) here better

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Hitachi HDD: Z7K320-250 / 250GB / SATA 3.0Gb/s.
Data erasure method: 50lb Longbow, two arrows at 15 yards.

@hauschke @nemobis that's why many italian OA journals uses Datacite. Its' free, it works.

@hauschke @petrichor @nemobis I cannot speculate on the causes of the wrongly resolution. Maybe the journal moved to another institution?

@petrichor @nemobis that article is utterly bad, I didn't finish reading (and screaming too is a sane exercise)

BUT: one of Italian agencies selling DOIs does it wrong: not a redirect but an interstitial "popup" window (you can scream more) twitter.com/atomotic/status/15

ALSO: I would rather advocate usage of internet archive or perma.cc for footnotes citing and archiving

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Introducing Textra, a free + open source OCR tool I created using Apple's new Vision API 🖼️✨📄

Textra runs on the command line and quickly/accurately converts PDF and image files to text (requires Mac OS 13+). Check it out!

https://github.com/freedmand/textra #opensource

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Just launched!

tldr.nettime is an instance for artists, researchers, and activists interested in exploring the intersections of technology, culture, and politics.

It has grown out of nettime-l, one of the longest-running mailing lists on the net .

It offers two tweaks we hope will help make it unusually fruitful:

- The character count per message is higher — 2000 chars.
- You can choose whether your post is public or visible only on tldr's local timeline.


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In talking to @edsu last night I kept thinking the time has come for a better Reddit for the GLAM folks https://code4lib.net/ #lemmy

@jakkbl @awinkler @julsraemy
I got it. I'm trying to lobby ARK adoption in some digital libraries of italian institutions (where everyone is scary about hostname stability).
Until now i got scarce results :)

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@awinkler @raffaele @julsraemy Being decentralized, ARKs don't mandate one particular resolver infrastructure. The less certain you are of your org's hostname stability, the more you (the ARK creator) may want publicize your ARKs based at N2T. A choice that works for one org might not work for another.

@julsraemy @jakkbl you are not citing n2t.net in that post. would you recommend it to publish IIIF manifests this way n2t.net/ark:/12345/12345/manif ?

I remind you of the utterly tragic decision of Italian Office of Cultural Heritage to change top domain from beniculturali.it to cultura.gov.it
everything is going to break, and nobody knows if a redirect will set up

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Together with John Jung (University of Chicago Library) and @jakkbl of the @arks_org Outreach WG, we have just written a blog post using jointly Archival Resource Key (#ARK) identifiers and the International Image Interoperability Framework (#IIIF) specifications. @iiif

Indeed, persistence is crucial when disseminating cultural heritage resources. Feedback is welcome! 😀

#PID #OpenSource #OpenResearch


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Starting a little archiving of Mute 09 (code name) The Bunny Issue - Mute Vol 1, No. 9, 1997 Sept, ISSN 1356-7748-09 - to start with its a PDF, pages as JPG. Next will be to improve on this - Wikidata entries, bookmarking, metadata, ToC, full text and interoperable formats, PIDs - but hey its a start https://github.com/Mute-Publishing/M09

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Scholar is built on an open, editable bibliographic catalog: https://fatcat.wiki

Most of the records are automatically imported from our wonderful upstream sources, but any human can directly submit corrections and additions through the web interface or API. These submissions are then reviewed in the open before merging. The entire catalog is versioned and can be downloaded in bulk or synchronized using a "changelog" feed.

You can learn more about editing at:

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