In a future tweet he will say that disks raid are enough for digital preservation.

uno spazio di discussione web, aperto e non moderato, per condividere saperi ed esperienze su e digitalizzazione dei beni culturali.

siete invitati ad iscrivervi!

Z-Library 🏴‍☠️ has been taken down :( I looked at libgen after a couple of years, so they have a FRBR model now?
Is this UI perhaps a bit better than any commercial discovery tool?

Digital preservation means also keeping a music album of 4 terabytes. You need 5.7 years to listen it

The chapter “extreme durations” inside Extreme Music is crazy!

ear this: in the Malagasy language (Madagascar) the future is imagined to be behind us since no one can see it, while the past is in front of our eyes because it is known and therefore visibile.

i think that using this paradigm we could improve the way we think of archival future and preservation

source: (eng subs available)

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