Italian police said they tracked and redirected the internet traffic from all internet service providers in order to identify people who subscribed to a pirate IPTV service

This is scary. Internet is theoretically distributed, federated, open. But your connectivity could be always controlled by someone else.

@raffaele I think what they're doing is diverting the connections with DNS hijacking, which is something that has been going on in Italy for more than a decade. What's worse, since I think 7 years now such an order can be given by any prosecutor to all ISPs, with no need for due process before censoring an internet property.

@joe reasonable, dns hijacking is relatively simple. It was reminding me this other and worst scenario

@raffaele BGP hijacking would be very visible as it would involve a whole AS - I doubt these streamers use their own infrastructure, but rather shared hostings across countries with more lax copyright rules. It's also possible they asked ISPs to divert traffic directly, but there is no legal obligation to do so AIUI.

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