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Moved a couple months ago, home office finally starting to come together

Do people have particularly strong opinions on repository platforms? We are planning to migrate off ours (its support & community are kinda dying) & I'm looking mainly at Islandora & Invenio. Seem to have decent sized communities, recent updates, flexibility, modern tech stack. A lot of work for me as a solo systems person, but that's inevitable. Hyrax/Hyku was also in contention but it seems like it doesn't have a write REST API (am I wrong?) which is a dealbreaker for us.

An introduction to Mastodon for GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) folks:

Hi I'm Eric Phetteplace, systems librarian at a small art & design school. I'm active in the Code4Lib community, love open source software & the command line. Not sure if I will stick it out here but it seems more viable as more people migrate from Twitter. The idea of filtering out politics with CWs is certainly intriguing.

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