Asked on code4lib slack but I'll ask here too: anyone have recommendations for a consumer grade NAS? I need to replace my Apple Time Machine eventually. I'd like something that just works, I don't need anything fancy.

I had to do some javascript this week & that made it a good week. I am a simple man.

Version v1.1.0 of marcli is now available ( and it includes a new parameter `-matchFields` to limit what fields are searched in when using `-match`

marcli -file marc-file.xml -match="Airline" -matchFields=650

Big thanks to @phette23 for making it available via Homebrew as well.


How do you link to a Mastodon search (e.g. for adding to browser as a custom search engine)? The search input doesn't have a `name` attribute nor is there even a <form> on the page, it's all JS & doesn't show the search term in the URL. I tried "search?q=query" to no avail

We've tried explaining to the masonry why this theoretically should work but it has nonetheless proved resistant

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Almost all the men in my wife's family are here trying to help us mount a mantle above our fireplace. There have been 4 trips to Home Depot so far. Success still seems a long way off

meta, CSS 

Mastodon's emoji aren't aligned for me, it comes down to a `margin-bottom` on content images `.status__content .status__content__text img` since it swaps out emoji characters with an img (I wonder why? I'd say accessibility but then the alt text is just the emoji itself. Maybe for cross-platform consistency).
Anyways, If you remove the margin-bottom (I'm doing this with the Stylus extension) then it's fixed.

if you don't have a Slack channel with "rant" in its name & a 馃槺 in the description, are you even laboring?

Just finished listening to this ep of American Vandal ft @ubiquity75 on the demise of the bird site and鈥攐ptimistically鈥攖he potential of Mastodon, starting with the (good!) 鈥渇riction鈥 it generates in calling on users to select and learn about a server. I learned a ton and think folks here will appreciate it.

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@adr nooooo you've foiled my nefarious scheme

I got almost zero sleep last night but felt sharp & productive today thanks to the miracle of caffeine. Or did I fall asleep and dream of being awake in bed, unable to sleep? Seems unlikely. I have terrible trouble sleeping & this week it's been worse than ever.


@jacobsberg do beer heads consider Sierra Nevada good? I can't stand the cutting flavor of the hops but I am generally not an IPA person.

literally never heard of CODEN until today sort of ISSN replacement that's 6 alphanumeric characters to identify a serial. Does anyone use this? Seems like it's supposed to be general purpose but is only used in specific scientific disciplines. Unclear why ISSN can't do this

@katethornhill in an academic context, it's kind of "who else is better at doing this" and the answer is usually "no one." And I think not having a digital archive makes about as much sense as not having an archive at all in an era where most documents are born digital. Few higher ed institutions would operate without some kind of archive, no matter how poorly supported.

HEIF images, rant 

WHY did they do this? From my perspective, it's this misleading veneer of compatibility. On Apple software, everything that interacts with images knows to check the format of a .jpg so it all works seamlessly. People aren't confused by a new file extension appearing out of nowhere. The problem *appears* to be with external applications which throw errors or can't handle a normal-looking file. And HOW do we fix it? Telling people to save their .jpg as a JPEG sounds inane.

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HEIF images, rant 

Problems with this approach:
- Moodle file submissions break, Moodle tries to run TCPDF on them but thinks they're JPEGs so it breaks
- Can't upload to MURAL
- Describing the issue to users breaks their understanding of how computers work
- Apple made this the iPhone camera default without making consequences clear? Though iirc the option does say something about "more efficient, less compatible"

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