HEIF images, rant 

OK is no one else FURIOUS at Apple for how they've implemented HEIF/HEIC (which one should I use? They seem interchangeable) images with a .jpg extension? Is this not just outrageous to save files in a new format under a different extension so SO MUCH other software making a kinda dangerous but until now reasonable assumption that FILE EXTENSIONS MEAN SOMETHING breaks? I am losing my marbles here.

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HEIF images, rant 

Problems with this approach:
- Moodle file submissions break, Moodle tries to run TCPDF on them but thinks they're JPEGs so it breaks
- Can't upload to MURAL
- Describing the issue to users breaks their understanding of how computers work
- Apple made this the iPhone camera default without making consequences clear? Though iirc the option does say something about "more efficient, less compatible"

HEIF images, rant 

WHY did they do this? From my perspective, it's this misleading veneer of compatibility. On Apple software, everything that interacts with images knows to check the format of a .jpg so it all works seamlessly. People aren't confused by a new file extension appearing out of nowhere. The problem *appears* to be with external applications which throw errors or can't handle a normal-looking file. And HOW do we fix it? Telling people to save their .jpg as a JPEG sounds inane.

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