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"I’m an epidemiologist. When I heard about Britain’s ‘herd immunity’ coronavirus plan, I thought it was satire"

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Today, my class on designing speculative fiction scenarios about dystopian futures has been postponed due to a viral pandemic outbreak.
I feel like the universe is looking at my design fictions, and says "Hold my beer"

Heartfelt article that pulls no punches in identifying who's to blame for climate change:

The big lie we’re told about climate change is that it’s our own fault

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Finally found the spaceship size comparison, originally published by Dirk Loechel in 2013 and continually updated since

This has been floating around the Internet in various stages for years without attribution and it's good to see the source

#Art #SciFi

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"If a person can’t get out of bed, something is making them exhausted. If a student isn’t writing papers, there’s some aspect of the assignment that they can’t do without help. If an employee misses deadlines constantly, something is making organization and deadline-meeting difficult. Even if a person is actively choosing to self-sabotage, there’s a reason for it"

This is such a good article. CW discussion of ableism

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Capitalists: But nobody would do anything without money as motivation!
Also capitalists: A raise? You should be happy just to be here, and getting to work with what you love!

The carriage display on the train says "The next station will be Wakefield Westgate. CCTV is in use for your safety and security. If you see something suspicious contact British Transport Police" and I feel like it's trying to say something about Wakey.

I'm really rather fed up of providing free labour to help Google train their computer vision model just to register for a service or pay for something.

I really liked reCAPTCHA when it was helping to OCR digitised content for posterity, but now it's pivoted to be purely for their profit with no contribution to society whatsoever.

'Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes--
Hearts starve as well as bodies: Give us Bread, but give us Roses!'

Wow, the UK Web Archiving Consortium came into being 17 years ago, in 2003, with the first archived websites available to the public 2 years later in 2005!

Top tip to avoid accidentally deadnaming your trans friends: be completely awful at remembering names and constantly have to ask people their name anyway.

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imagine an internet that was ran like a utility. one where it was the norm to run a little box server at your home that you run your services on (email, mastodon, file storage, etc), and there was a whole industry of unionized repair people who would come to your house and fix up your custom home server to make sure it stays safe and is working to your needs

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Reminder that all lesbians are valid, including trans lesbians, non-binary lesbians, bisexual lesbians, asexual lesbians, and lesbians who use he/him pronouns.

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