My sundew plant is flowering! Each morning the next bud on the flower spike opens into a ferryboat pink flower, then folds up in the evening for the next flower to do the same the following morning.

Ok, prizes for identifying this fruit. (I know what it is, and yes it's pretty weird. I've never seen this plant fruit before in my life.)

Amongst all the highs and lows of working from home full time during the pandemic, this is definitely a highlight. I've been in the garden with my laptop this afternoon, sending emails and watching the latest clutch of blackbirds fledging.

selfie, eye contact, rubbish video conferencing joke 

I thought we'd seen the last of the old Intercity 125 trains but apparently someone's given them a coat of paint and foisted them on East Midlands.

Pictured on the poster is a Class 43 power car. The youngest of those was born several years before I was.

I finally have Linux on my work laptop thanks to Windows 10 and WSL! 🎉 🚀

Please tell me that some of these crazy-ass sodium salts are actually real...

"We value your privacy"

We value it so much that we want you to give it all to us.

@ellycope has won Christmas this year by giving me an Orville t-shirt and a @RachaelCWArt otter! 💙💙💙


"It is unlawful for students to join pickets"
This is shameful from & I will never be seen crossing a picket line. I'll be out every day with & in solidarity on the picket line. We know our rights.


I don't think Slack quite understand how insulting it is to address someone in Yorkshire as "Hey Manchester"


here is an assessment of the term “politically correct” that i found valuable, from a linguistics professor i know named Lauren Squires (



Much of what’s being sold as "AI" today is snake oil. It does not and cannot work. In a talk at MIT yesterday, I described why this happening, how we can recognize flawed AI claims, and push back. Here are my annotated slides:


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