I thought we'd seen the last of the old Intercity 125 trains but apparently someone's given them a coat of paint and foisted them on East Midlands.

Pictured on the poster is a Class 43 power car. The youngest of those was born several years before I was.

@petrichor hah - when I lived in Worksop, East Midlands was the _posher_ of the two train companies that ran through the town... (The other is Northern and I suppose the fact they recently lost their franchise explains a lot!)

@yoyehudi Hah, sounds about right! In fairness I think the writing was on the wall for Arriva's holding of the Northern franchise the day government forced through the new timetable a couple of years ago after being repeatedly told about the massive disruption that would ensue.

@petrichor True that! LNER got a lot nicer after virgin lost the franchise so maybe there is hope that Northern will end up nice too? Not that I almost ever take those trains now I live way down south.

@yoyehudi I keep joking that it'll end up being a tory government that ends up renationalising the railways...

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