I removed the gargle analytics code from before the holiday and haven't missed it. I never thought to check how many readers I had anyway.

Now it's time to get rid of disqus to excise the last of the tracking code and I'm strangely resistant. It's been 4 years since someone last commented but I still feel like I *want* people to validate me by commenting.

Clearly the answer is to give the blog its own presence on the so that people can reply that way. The question is how to do that while keeping the site itself as static HTML.

@petrichor The is a solution for Hugo, it fetches the comments of a post and displays the replies as comments: Maybe it can be adapted for your blog?

@tastytea Thanks, this looks really interesting and exactly what I was hoping for. I'll take a closer look.

@petrichor Don't know how to do that, but you can use regular HTML forms & a bit of server side stuff in your preferred language to build a decent commenting system.

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