“Out of compassion, I’ve done what a teacher should do who wants what’s best for their disciples. Here are these roots of trees, and here are these empty huts. Meditate, Ānanda! Don’t be negligent! Don’t regret it later! This is my instruction to you.”

The Buddha
MN 152

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Holy moly. This is gonna be a time sink of massive dimensions. Much of the Boston Public Library's vinyl collection digitized on archive.org

Lots of stuff you know and lots more you don't.


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@jacob These days I think of md files as database records, and the frontmatter as its fields. Maybe that mental model will help you adjust? But yes, it looks a bit weird at first to open a md file and see a bunch of yaml and not much markdown 😅

@jacob I disagree on it being 'inelegant' That's how I actually prefer to use Hugo / Jekyll: most of the content in FrontMatter and custom layouts to render that well-structured data into idiomatic HTML (or XML or JS or whatever).

Mountain View Buddhist Temple surveyed members on what they found most appealing about MVBT. The results are a peek into the life of Jodo Shinshu temples in America and why they endure over generations. They support the frequent observation that Shin Buddhism is more oriented toward communal than individual practice. Here's the resulting word association graphic
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Do digital books last longer than physical books? @brewsterkahle highlights the lengths libraries go through to keep digital books viable: they “need constant maintenance—reprocessing, reformatting, re-invigorating or they will not be readable or read.” http://blog.archive.org/2022/11/15/digital-books-wear-out-faster-than-physical-books/

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