@andrewjbtw @ashley @hugh I'm going to take a short walk to regain my composure after having my mind blown.

@despens Supposedly that's how it's done. Makes me wonder what happens when I try to save APPLET.CLASSPATH to the same directory.

Anyone know if there are SEO reasons for getting tagged on tweets? An org I'm involved in is regularly tagging me on promo materials of other people's quotes.

@aparrish Would kickstart all of these movies, especially the NYC living in the woodland.

Just joined a conference line from a company called Powwownow. How has that company not changed it's name, and how did an American org sign up for that company?

If at first you don't succeed, try reposting the exact same job but at a lower salary: the GLAM hiring story

@andrewjbtw Also, just found a technical report on disc media in libraries from the 80s. digipres.club/media/DaMOWft9l0

I don't think I'd heard of VHD.

@tvc15 I have not gone through it officially, but use it. If you use it to the extent of, "we fail I and V and it's useless to discuss VI-XVI until we commit to doing I and V" it can be good. Agreed some of the stuff is a bit more research repositories, but it's honestly not that bad.

@andrewjbtw Can you filter for ?'s in URLs or maybe ='s and &'s . It might cut down on the query stuff even if it over restricts on article names.

@mickylindlar We're developing something for ourselves right now. Some categories like fading get a grade, some like shrinkage get a percentage measurement
Here's our draft json schema for it.
but we're still in draft. I'd recommend talking to Indiana University. They're knee-deep in film digitization right now.

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@platypus If you use pandas, I found out this morning that their split method incorporates re.split by default.

@joe @JhenrySimpson Here's the relevant code in the debagger. It will work with either configuration. github.com/artefactual/archive
I personally like the putting everything in /data mostly because there's less for me to think about and a little because checksumming submission docs isn't a terrible idea.

@JhenrySimpson @joe In general, I think if you create the Amatica information package structure (metadata, submissionDocs, etc) inside the data/ folder, Amatica will unpack it to the Amatica structure.

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