Do you use ImageMagick for rote processing tasks? I'm collecting scripts to help folks by adding a new section to ffmprovisr! Do you have anything to share? (Or share this?)

Forgot to link to ffmprovisr although I feel confident that this crowd is already hip to it:

@ashley Any thoughts on creating a schoolofimagemagick page? ffmproviser is getting pretty long and harder to navigate. Also, a CRALS, ffmpro, im, etc webring would be very magical.

@ashley Now I'm stuck thinking about other tools that could benefit from the ffmproviser treatment. Pandas? Siegfried? Droid?

@ashley and duh, of course there's a webring started in the intro of ffmpro


@ashley Think I found a good topic (git), expect some messages about how the ffmproviser code works

@nkrabben All this being said, I would welcome an additional section or dedicated page within ffmprovisr, and CRALS would probably be happy to include a whole section too, and I'd be happy to link to your own if you decide to go that route!

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