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If you, like me, find yourself needing to convert multi-file/multi-track BIN/CUE images into single-file BIN/CUEs, I’ve discovered a quick and effective solution: MAME’s chdman utility.

chdman is intended to convert BIN/CUE into MAME’s CHD format, but it turns out it works for this too. So if you do:

chdman createcd --input mydisc.cue --output mydisc.chd
chdman extractcd --input mydisc.chd --output out.cue

It’ll prodice out.bin/out.cue with a single BIN file.

Does anyone know someone at University of Wisconsin? The River Falls library holds a rare CD-ROM I’m researching - the only copy in North America. An ILL attempt failed, so I’d love any help I could get.

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Listening to one of my personal treasures recently. When I wrote my article on Ganbare Inuchan, I bought a copy of this CD that the creator was the editor and producer on - and it turned out to be autographed by himself personally. When I posted it to Twitter, he saw it and reminisced on seeing a copy he’d signed 19 years ago. Really lovely random find, and a nice personal connection to have.

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My personal recommendation to people who are new to Mastodon is: talk about things that aren't Mastodon. Might sound simple, but during a big time and a big migration it's easy to get focused on the platform instead of... anything else! A timeline full of mostly talking about the platform isn't healthy for the platform itself - and it's not that fun either. Start living here! If you like to, anyway.

A message for you from Melon Brains (Multimedia Creators Network/Pioneer, LaserActive, 1995)

Can’t say I’m a fan of the new Mastodon 4 profile page’s interaction flow.

So this FTX interview is 100% showing up in court, right? The guy needs to learn how to stop talking. If his lawyer hasn't quit yet, I bet they're writing up their resignation letter right now.

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I haven't been back to Nova Scotia in ages, and now I find out that Keiths has launched a "craft beer" line?? I wonder if any of it is any *good*, lol

Love this - there’s a Twitter train announcer bot that randomly intrudes into strangers’ mentions to announce the coming stops.

Impressive seeing CD-i emulation get this good now. Seems like MAME runs things baseline pretty okay, at least discs that don’t require the digital video card.

What’s going on with twitter right now is pretty disturbing, but it’s *also* the most effective “learn by watching” lesson in resilient system breakdown I’ve ever seen in public. I hope young engineers are watching, because you normally don’t get this kind of “what not to do” lesson without working for a huge tech company.

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Hey there, Admin of the Internet Archive Mastodon here. I've seen some people speculate/rumor that the Archive's mastodon instance is set up to be an involuntary vacuum spot for all toots passing back into the Wayback, and it is NOT that. Any archiving of toots would be some other project (and outside my knowledge) but the Internet Archive Mastodon is just another instance, doing the mastodon thing. Communicate with us at will.

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I don't remember this guy's name but he lives at the Frontiersman Motel in #latchford #ontario. When we stopped to get a room and went to the office, he was the only presence in the office other than us -- nobody at the desk or anything. We were all like "Uh, does the cat own the motel".

Since I’m posting from Canada, here’s a Canadian game screenshot to meet my quota

Working on ScummVM’s Director support, this game has been broken for ages, and it turns out the fix was… way easer than I thought. Wacky Races was unable to load anything past the opening logo movie. Turns out: the directory names include leading spaces, and some of the ScummVM path loading code was trimming whitespace from all paths. That was a workaround for a different bug that’s been fixed since, so I could just delete that code.

First time actually getting this scene to load!

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