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Live demo of Mozilla's client-side text translation technology:

Runs in most browsers (but sadly not Safari), no add-on required, no sending your text to the server!

Todays unexpected bit of FOSS nostalgia: just discovered I still have a copy of the Frozen Bubble soundtrack on my hard drive

Was reading an old issue of The Body Politic, and came across this old Little Sisters ad. Love seeing an ad this old for a queer bookstore that's still around.

(The Body Politic, August, 1986)

The idea that there’s an early Takashi Murakami interactive work out there that *almost no one has seen* is kind of mind-blowing, honestly.

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Some of the people involved have ended up becoming high profile (Takashi Murakami, Gento Matsumoto), but even then I haven’t seen any screenshots of the art, any sign anyone even has them beyond one retrospective on the exhibit.

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This was an exhibition held by new media publisher Digitalogue in the early 90s; they invited several prominent artists to create new interactive works on floppy disk. They were exhibited for about a month, and each work available for sale on its own floppy for that month only.

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I have a feeling finding the Macintosho (マッキントッ書) disks is going to be… hard. There’s limited information online, but tracking down even *one* of the disks is going to be a real challenge. Might be my white whale for awhile.

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I'm looking for sites where I can get anime pictures for my computer. I am new at this so don't be technical. ↯94SEP

I came across a set of BMUG floppy newsletters from the early 90s. I figured these had to be online already, but apparently not? One or two is a duplicate but the others don’t seem to be online yet.

Seeing what people are doing with cohost, and I really wonder if you could do something like Rhizome’s EaaS within a cohost post… really neat opportunities

Question for the Cyan heads out there. Friend found a 1989/1990 DOS CD version of The Manhole that seems to be the EGA version with CD audio and voice acting. Voice acting isn’t in the 256 colour version, right? Is it unique to this revision?

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Nancy Pearl / Holocaust Denial 

Nancy Pearl is backpedaling re: holocaust denial, so Mike Jung went and got receipts from 2017.


>Books promoting Holocaust denial have come to Pearl's library. She puts them on the shelf, regardless of her opinion.

> "It wouldn't be a library if there weren't books that annoyed people."

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I loved this video about Nocturnal Nightmares, a shareware game that this person made with a friend in QuickBasic when they were 13 years old, and how he found joy in revisiting it as an adult in a bunch of different ways.

Just saw a Reddit post about a teenager being sent to collections over library late fees. Can’t believe how evil that is. Any library doing this should reconsider every decision they’ve ever made.

Well *that’s* an interesting discovery. Seems to be a development tool for the CD-i version of Myst.

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