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Anyone out there heard of a Mac floppy animation “Hiropon-chan”, by Takashi Murakami & Gento Matsumoto? Found an offline reference to it but haven’t found any online records of its existence. It’s related to Murakami’s original painting (not the statue).

While I’m not *surprised* at Atom being sunset, the fact that the announcement post highlights closed source and proprietary components of VS Code really isn’t a good look. Atom was fully open source.

Caves of the Unwashed Heathen (Paul Shoemaker, TRS-80 CoCo, 1996)

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Vintage computer game forger story now has a surprise addition of a second investigation that happened completely independently from the first:

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A well known vintage game authority turned out to be a forger. Official announcement from the Big Box PC Game Collectors group:

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Micro-Mouse Goes De-bugging (MC Lothlorien/Mastertronic, ZX Spectrum, 1989)

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Software went downhill after we stopped distributing it on brightly coloured floppy disks

If anyone out there needs to validate disc images on their Mac, I’ve just packaged up the edccchk EDC sector validation tool in my Homebrew tap. To install:

brew install mistydemeo/digipres/edccchk

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Interesting post here describing (at a fairly high level) Mozilla's participation in Project Bergamot, which is building a webpage-translation engine that runs entirely locally, rather than calling & relaying your text through a remote server:

One to watch; this is an underserved need.
#MozillaGettingItRightForAChange #TwiceInOneYearEven

Always amazes me when I find out other devs don’t know about `&w=1` on GitHub, so here’s my advice: if you’re reviewing a PR with many whitespace changes, add `&w=1` to the PR review URL. It’ll save your life.

I was confused when I heard the term “instavidist” the other day (for “streamer”), but turns out it’s actually a calque from Québecois French? “instavidéaste” is in the official dictionary.

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You computer weenies generate way too much garbage over the weekend. ↯84NOV

Just received a recruiter email which a) called me Jeff, b) based its pitch around the fact the company was in Texas and that I, an alleged Texan, would want to stay in Texas.

The kicker is, the job involves working on logistics systems. Hope it works better than their recruiter emails do.

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Been given some pretty interesting floppies to archive… looking forward to posting about once I have the chance! Just waiting on a little hardware getting here.

This story about social media algorithms harassing users with upsetting content is disturbing. They’re so convinced it’s the way to hook users on using the site more that they can’t find a way to opt out of the content that’s traumatizing them.

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