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Masto admins: how do people handle trending tags? Just approve by default? My email inbox is filling up with approval requests for new trending hashtags and I’m getting tired 😆

Hello from Mastodon 3.4.7! This brings us pretty up to date - until we implement the Hometown migration, this is the most recent version we're going to upgrade to.

All right, 3.2.0 and we're doing okay. I'll do another few soon.

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Attempting another couple of upgrades tonight. You shouldn't see any changes but if there's trouble, I'll roll us back quickly.

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CRTs split open, spilling their load of pixels onto the floor like so much sand. ↯88JAN

Really good paper here on the deep categorical problems with image recognition training datasets - particularly the human images that appear in several of the most popular datasets.

Got it! I am a genius, probably.

3.1.0 is using a version of sidekiq-unique-jobs that's been yanked. My previous update attempted to upgrade it to the latest compatible patch release, but apparently that breaks Mastodon. Instead I've rolled back to the version of that gem used by Mastodon 3.0.2, and that apparently works.

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Testing out a possible fix for the Mastodon 3.1.0 upgrade. I’ll be briefly trying out the upgrade, and if it fails again, I’ll roll us back.

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Okay, so. Hypothesis. Certain jobs appear to be what's broken in 3.1.0 - which is why it can't populate timelines. 3.1.0 is also the first release to use a yanked sidekiq-unique-jobs release. I wonder if that's the culprit - if I downgrade that to the version from 3.0.2, maybe it'll work?

Masto admins: how safe is it to jump multiple major releases at a time? With version 3.1.0 not working for us, I wonder if it’s safe to go from 3.0.0 straight to 3.2.0 or 3.3.0.

What's the recommended place for Mastodon sysadmins to get support these days?

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Hi everyone! I'm Mane (aka m4ndrill), a freelance 3D artist mainly focused on beautiful world of voxels. I love checking out new social media places, so here I am.

Also posting one of the voxel pieces I especially enjoyed modeling.

#introduction #Art #artist #MastoArt #voxel #voxelart #3d

Masto sysadmins: I'm seeing an issue after upgrading from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 that timeline rendering doesn't work. Seems related to sidekiq jobs. What's the recommended upgrade path from 3.0.0 these days? What version should I jump to next? There are a few yanked gems that make this difficult.

I’ve rolled us back to 3.0.0. This version appears to be running fine - only 3.1.0 is broken. I’ll pause the updates here for now and resume upgrading later.

Interesting - it appears to be web only. A client is fine.

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Apologies if there are issues with timeline rendering right now. I’m looking into it.

OK! We're now running 3.0.0. Took a bit of hackery, haha. Will continue running upgrades to newer versions.

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Interesting complication with the upgrade: I’m doing it major point release by major point release, and Mastodon 3.0.0 includes a yanked dependency that can’t be installed anymore.

I’m working towards a few Mastodon version updates. I don’t anticipate any downtime.

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