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oh to be a girl in the 90s distributing SNES ROMs via floppy

Got quite a few Mac-only multimedia things using the earliest versions of Quicktime that just don’t work, at all, with something written to handle more recent versions of Quicktime. FFmpeg doesn’t understand it either.

And here I thought my weird Quicktime video days were behind me. Going to have to get support for the very old Quicktime container format to get several Director things working in ScummVM. It’s a format so old modern macOS doesn’t support it anymore.

Weather Tamers (Children's Computer Workshop, Commodore 64, 1984)

Thank you Epson for maintaining the manual for your dual floppy drive from 1993 online on your FTP.

Searching for a PC game: if you have a copy of “Livet i Pepperon”, a Norwegian CD-ROM game, please message me.

Fascinated by ScummVM actually managing to expose an in-game crash handler in one game when a ScummVM-induced bug prevented it from being able to load a scene properly. Surprisingly graceful!

(Message tells you to eject the CD and turn off the system.)

Apparently Microsoft let a certificate expire and it’s preventing people from launching the Windows 11 versions of a bunch of builtin apps:

Now here’s a fun find. Someone’s scanned the NBA Jam TE “save initialization” sheet. The game infamously shipped with a bug that broke saving games, but someone found a workaround before it shipped so every copy of the first run came with this leaflet telling you what to do.

According to a dev who worked on it, no one had actually tested save games in a “from scratch” state at the end of development, so no one knew there was a bug until the first run of carts was done.

Today’s funniest Apple packaging bug: Apple accidentally shipped an Intel-only build of mandoc in macOS 12, so if you’re on an ARM Mac without Rosetta, you get errors every time you run `man`.

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With Adobe is introducing a "Web3" standard to verify "asset creation provenance," see diagram below. The idea is to prevent the sale of "assets" on NFT marketplaces by anybody else than the creator. But of course the system does not prevent anybody from removing what is essentially a digital signature from your assets, or from signing unsigned assets.

As an alternative to using this thing, you could 1) register a domain under your name, upload your "asset" there, and 2) use the Internet Archive's "Save Page Now" on it before distributing it anywhere else. Perhaps this would even send a much stronger "trust signal," as Adobe calls it.

Man, that Google complaint is *explosive*. I don’t expect anything from them but this is underhanded. I hope they face actual consequences.

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Gonna design a new programming language just so I can implement this theoretical error message from Joe Armstrong's blog word-for-word

Looking for help: do you own the original Canadian versions of the Wallobee Jack games for Mac/Windows? Let me know if so. I’m looking for them.

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