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I accidentally left the bay leaf in tonight’s dinner. I poured three bowls, so each has a 33% chance of having the bay leaf. Each bowl has a greater chance of having no bay leaf than of having a bay leaf, so I argue that, statistically, it’s more likely that no bowl has a bay leaf.

Yes this is the right time for you to tell me your favourite citation system

Someone talk me out of using MLA as my citation format for my new blog

Is it possible to override RbConfig::CONFIG values when bundle installing or gem installing? Probably not, right?

Putting together the skeleton of my new blog… 👀 Excited to get this out there. Jessica’s going to help me out with the 90s period styling.

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YES YES YES It's Sekret Santa time!

If you want to swap games for ~Christmas please sign-up and post some things you'd like to see in your pressie.

Sign-ups end 8th of December.

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Jeff Vandermeer made up a fake freshwater squid in a book and people believed it really existed and now he feels bad

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We all know that GOTO is considered harmful, which is why I’m proud to say I’ve eliminated the use of JMP from my assembly programs.

Fun git tricks: did you know what you can get the raw plaintext patch for any commit on GitHub just by adding .patch to the end of the URL? For example:

And if you knew that: did you know you can get the equivalent of git’s --full-index option by passing the ?full_index=1 query parameter?

I wonder how many buildsystems still try to use -no-cpp-precomp… it took me so long to track down where it even came from.

Ever get annoyed with `bundle install` or `npm install` not being able to find your Homebrew deps? Yeah, me too - so I wrote a tool to fix it. Give it a try!

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Vancouver library people: VPL has a paid internship for candidates aged 15-30, and they’re specifically seeking out BIPOC and LGBTQA2+ candidates.

BC friends: in case you missed it yesterday, there’s new provincial restrictions. In particular:

* Masks are now mandatory for all indoor public spaces.
* Social lockdown and travel restrictions extended to at least December 7, and are now province-wide.

Anyone got a line on a working Titanium PowerBook G4 battery? The one I bought recently has faulty charging circuitry, so I need a replacement of some kind.

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