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All right, confirmed the Mystery App that I’ve been writing about also doesn’t run on PowerPC Mac OS 9 on real hardware. So, thus far:

✅ 68000 Quadra running 7.5 (but crashy)
❌ 68000 emulators running 7.x
❌ PowerPC emulators running 8.x and 9.x
❌ PowerPC Mac running 9.x

“Is this software really unstable or does it just not support the one model of retro computer I have access to” is a problem I have to be thinking about while I write up a deep dive into it.

You ever miss the days when your iPhone lock screen had a giant, screen filling view of the album art for whatever you’re listening to? I really do. Want it back.

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My new album is out. Eight tracks of disquieting drone/ambient/shoegaze, inspired by anxiety, climate grief, crustaceans, the coast, and nuclear power.

The transparency on the Canadian COVID exposure tracking app is fantastic. It’s using the Apple/Google API and is great on privacy, too.

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Tune in to my Fediverse presentation right now to learn the what, the why, and the how of allyship!

Slides & recording will be up after the event.

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Ancestry is being acquired by Blackstone for $4.7B, in case if you were wondering if there was money to be made in exploiting family history. Blackstone is also known for such great hits acquiring SESAC, the performing rights organization, and acquiring a 50% stake to the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana from Shell for $1.2B. Not to mention the many evictions in Blackstone-owned buildings in California. (

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Really excited for my talk tonight! Join me at midnight UTC to hear about LGBTQ+ Allyship and the strength of diverse teams.

If you're not already signed up and would like to attend, send me a DM and I'll drop you the Zoom link!

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hey if you were signed up for @LaCrecerelle's talk please check your email for a link to the new meeting room! the presentation will be at 12am utc (in about 8 hours) 🌈

thanks for bearing with us with all the confusion over the times!!


Submitting an erratum to Steve and Carol on the basis that this term actually originates from Gundam

Sample code in programming books is art, and this is a great one.

Sounds like the consensus is that there are some promising developments but currently Tesseract is still the strongest option.

What’s the state of the art for free OCR (Japanese specifically)? Is Tesseract still the best option?

We're back up! Sorry for the inconvenience. It appears the server was unexpectedly restarted on me, which led to Mastodon's directory being unmounted.

First time seeing this permission dialogue. Yes, the Canadian app is using the Apple/Google API built in to the OS; I’m really happy about that!

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With the recent changes to @TroveAustralia, the Australian Women’s Weekly cover browser was retired. As a low-tech alternative, I’ve harvested all the cover images from the Women’s Weekly and saved them into PDFs for easy browsing, one for each decade. There are 2,566 images from 1933 t...

Idea: if Apple can’t mark ARM Mac browsers as “ARM” because then they’d be served the mobile pages, they should identify their CPU as “PowerPC”.

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