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I decided to combine two themes that I’ve explored in the past: the blob-like tesselations that I’ve done a lot of and more recently trying to simulate dripping paint with magic marker… and this came out a lot better than I expected…



@quephird Had an espresso martini stout and it immediately made me think of you!

@quephird That really sounds like a nice combo… I’m glad you made something tasty for yourself.

Neko no Dayan: Dayan in Wonderland (Wachifield/Glams Interactive, Photo CD, 1995)

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@LaCrecerelle Me too… glad so many sites still support it though!

Brian Fitzgerand’s All New Super Taxman 2 (HAL Labs, Apple II, 1981)

@distractedmosfet Yeah, it is kinda surprising, huh? I guess at this point the remaining RSS holders on aren’t really a threat to them. Maybe we’ll see that disappear if it ever became too big, lol

@mansr Yes, I do too! Regardless, you know exactly what I mean.

Had a realization: Substack wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t killed off RSS. Getting blog posts email to you as a service only makes financial sense if you don’t have another, better way to subscribe to feeds of posts.

Hmmm, a book I placed on hold at VPL has been stuck in “trace” status for a week… I wonder if that means they lost it.

Beyond the Time (Tsuga Takeuchi, published by A & P Coordinator, Mac/Windows, 1996)

@JordiGH Oh! Yup, that’d be me! Hey, nice to see you!

@erosdiscordia You’re welcome! I really want to try out those emulators now…

Really love this piece on the culture of Chinese electronic dictionary games. It’s a whole world I’d never heard of. chaoyangtrap.house/s02-episode

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