Remembering this classic album on Spotify, featuring hits such as I Am Awesome at Powerpoint Presentations, I Am Relevant in the Workplace and I Have a Firm and Confident Handshake

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Had an interesting challenge the other week: a CD with fiendish copy protection that takes ~72 hours to rip using typical methods. I wonder if there’s a way you could do some clever seeking to find the ranges of invalid data and skip it without brute force reading through every sector.

Datadog’s UI is good at a lot of things, but I’m amazed its SSO integration is still so clunky.

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I'm running an exciting URL game on Twitter:
If you know how to find stuff on the web, you might stand a chance of winning against some of the greatest minds on the internet which are already competing.

An impartial computer program will pick the final winner:

I know it’s been awhile and this is in the past, but it really is one of the most bizarrely egregious bits of political interference in what was a VERY bad time for Canada.

Sometimes I still think about how Harper installed an economist as the head of LAC, and then he tried to get archival conferences to accept keynotes on his “theory of archives” as though he’d in any way earned the right for anyone to care about what he had to say

Looks like Trump really opened Pandora’s box. Now the EU is proposing legislating the power to break up non-EU tech companies or force them to sell their EU operations.

@amitpatil2020 Sorry for the delay in approving your account. It was caught in the registration queue behind a few spam accounts.

@jaycie Yeah, I *really* love this! Came as a complete surprise to me too

Discovered that a Shuji Terayama CD-ROM I bought comes with a Hypercard reproduction of a tarot deck he created with artist Nanami Utsuki. Features the full deck, with descriptions of the unique cards, and tarot-dealing mode.

Aside from the traditional tarot cards, it has a variety of unique cards with themes as out there as Criminal Business Association, Telephone Skills, and Artificial Eye Engineering.

Aha - it’s actually tarot, not karuta. A deck he made with Nanami Usuki.

Does anyone know if karuta is significant in some way to Shuji Terayama’s films?

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