Personally I find the multi-column view far too cluttered, so I'm happy about this.

This introduces the new single-column view. If you have an existing account, you can switch to it by unselecting this preference:

We're back up and running on Mastodon 2.9.0!

Have any other admins heard of any major issues with Mastodon 2.9.0? Otherwise I'm thinking of upgrading

@The_BFOOL It’s been around for a couple releases, and it saves my life on the reg. It’s so good!!

Looks like Mastodon 2.9.0 is out! I'll leave it a little bit for any bugs to shake out, but I'll get us upgraded soon.

Am I the only one who typos it as kuebctl?

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@vy Figured it out. Looks like db/assets.rb was incorrect and missing the column.

OK, we're running 2.8.4 now! All set for the latest version. Thanks again for your patience.

Hooray, it works! I'm going to bring us up to the latest version, but it's looking solid now.


We're back! To test the new features, here's a photo of a floppy disk.

I'm attempting a fix for the Mastodon 2.8.1 bug. You may experience some downtime while I work on this.

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@vy Weird! Unfortunately I'm not using a Docker build, but maybe I just need to retry the upgrade with fresh gems/assets/etc?

Fellow Mastodon admins: I'm trying to diagnose a really weird problem. I could use help if anyone's able to!

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