@SpindleyQ Dagger of Amon Ra is def. non-Roberta Williams, but it’s playing around in that same kind of design space and it does a lot of interesting stuff.

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Which DOS error code are you today? I'm a bit 'Too many commands' and always a little 'Not ready'

Even more than Sorcerian, I’m excited about Sepas Channel. It’s an original, mobile/DSi-exclusive RPG with a look that’s kind of halfway between Earthbound and The World Ends With You. This game is great, give it a try when it comes out. gmodecorp.com/gmodearchives/se

A few of these even recreate the classic Japanese mobile phone UI, which is an experience that’s pretty hard to come by these days.

Good Switch import news - G-mode are bringing their old mobile port of Sorcerian to the Switch! These pre-smartphone mobile ports are pretty historically significant but basically impossible for anyone to play, even in Japan - so the rerelease is very welcome. gmodecorp.com/gmodearchives/so

The whole G-Mode Archives line is really interesting and there are some forgotten gems in there. Even the mediocre stuff is interesting in its own right. Grateful they’re being made available.

Anyone know what an “X object” is? Came across something that credits a person with the “class library and X object programming”. Appears to be in something using Macromedia Director?

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LibreTranslate: Open Source Machine Translation 100% Self-hosted. No limites. No ties to propietary services: libretranslate.com/

@edsu That sounds like a good idea - I’d love to hear social.coop’s experience if it gets implemented!

Sorry again to new users for having the signup queue. We’ve had a real problem with spam signups recently.

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There’s a lot of really dangerous misfeatures in Windows 98, but this has to be one of my favourites. “I found an executable you might like. Is this good. Would you like to run it” is so obviously harmful in the era of the internet, but at the time seemed maybe vaguely helpful.

So apparently Go doesn’t have a set data type in its stdlib?? When reading up on it I found this blog which suggests this nonsense instead, using a hashmap with empty anonymous structs as values. davidkaya.com/sets-in-golang/

I guess it’s not *wrong* if you don’t have sets builtin. Making the best of an awkward situation, but. What if the language just provided sets like Python, Ruby, Rust, etc.

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