Making a last-minute alteration to my Lunar talk for , and I, uh, forgot that this build of Magic School has no font.

Lastpass doesn't seem to have entirely finished localizing for fr_CA...

So @KateLibC knows me, all right. She gave me a very appropriate early birthday present of a bunch of Windows 98 100-yen store CD-ROMs. Looking forward to trying these!

Came across an interesting nonstandard WAVE file. It seems to basically follow the WAVE format, but the data format is not recognized by anything I've tried.

We were scrounging for a third PC gamepad, and I can’t believe a Saturn controller via USB adapter ended up being the most practical option.

Here’s a practical example of where ignoring content can be destructive. This disc contains CD-ROM and CD audio content, and several of those audio tracks contain CD+G graphics. Here’s what that looks like in a CD+G player with a rip that preserves subcode data (left) and with one that doesn’t (right).

Doing some more work on my archival CD-ROM structure analysis tool. This detailed output is for debug; the final version of the tool won’t spam this much information. But this structural information is going to be very useful!

Got around to uploading the English demo of Arcturus, an RPG that was never released in English: Figured that the file site it was on wouldn't stay up forever.

Wrote up a little bit on TCRF too.

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