Remembering this classic album on Spotify, featuring hits such as I Am Awesome at Powerpoint Presentations, I Am Relevant in the Workplace and I Have a Firm and Confident Handshake

Discovered that a Shuji Terayama CD-ROM I bought comes with a Hypercard reproduction of a tarot deck he created with artist Nanami Utsuki. Features the full deck, with descriptions of the unique cards, and tarot-dealing mode.

Aside from the traditional tarot cards, it has a variety of unique cards with themes as out there as Criminal Business Association, Telephone Skills, and Artificial Eye Engineering.


I just read Umma’s Table by Yeon-Sik Hong. It’s an excellent depiction of a family struggling to reconnect, and how food connects family over generations.

Just a warning though: if you, like me, lost a parent recently, it’s a tough read.

Here’s something fun: we have a TiBook with DVI output, and we’ve paired that with a DVI to HDMI converter that has an embedded USB audio device. The result: we get pure-digital HDMI, with audio, in a format that’s compatible with modern monitors, TVs, and capture devices.

Box art for Ginga no Sakana: Ursa Minor Blue (Ai Ga Areba Daijobu/Sony Music Entertainment, Mac/Windows hybrid, 1996 release)

The transparency on the Canadian COVID exposure tracking app is fantastic. It’s using the Apple/Google API and is great on privacy, too.

Submitting an erratum to Steve and Carol on the basis that this term actually originates from Gundam

Sample code in programming books is art, and this is a great one.

First time seeing this permission dialogue. Yes, the Canadian app is using the Apple/Google API built in to the OS; I’m really happy about that!

Also, as pointed out by @shadsy, the Earth in the same scene is a sphere-mapped version of the System 7.5 world map.

Now here’s a deep cut reference: as pointed out by @ravenworks, the space stadium from the ending of Ganbare Inu-chan is a direct reference to the gameplay arena from Pararena.

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