Really good news: BC is waiving the normal MSP waiting period for people returning to BC from areas with bad COVID-19 outbreaks, and also extending MSP to people who have been out of the province long enough to lose coverage.

Huh - Arknights is the first app I’ve seen so far that uses “sign in with Apple”.

It actually finished! It took in the region of 72-80 hours total.

For those wondering about the infamous disc - here it is. You can see the security ring, the bastard himself, clearly visible just outside of the inner ring. The region on either side of that ligher-coloured ring contains valid data in a single data track.

My neighbourhood thrift store gets some cool stuff. Really looking forward to finding out what this is.

Headlines like this make the game preservation conversation that much harder. The “long-lost” game that you could only get by going on eBay and spending all of $20

Harbour the salon dog looking extremely stylish in his winter hoodie.

Fun with modern web design: this is how much of a Guardian page I can actually view the first time I visit.

It’s cool that upgrading to Catalina means software that came out *two months ago* will stop working.

Got my ballot! If I can go to the embassy to vote from another country, you can go to your local polling centre. This is an important election; please vote.

Slightly disturbed to see an X11 startup screen on my seat back screen

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