Look at this. This is describing a CEO who was rightfully criticized in the media for her horrific treatment of her employees. Fellow Silicon Valley people are treating her as an innocent victim being bullied by reporters. vice.com/en_us/article/n7w3zw/

I’m never not thinking about the AbstractSingletonProxyFactoryBean, which is a convenient proxy factory bean superclass for proxy factory beans that create only singletons docs.spring.io/spring-framewor

‪Buying a brand new sealed laserdisc in 2020 feels weird. Got a 2001 date on the package...‬

This is still the most absurd CD I’ve ever seen. It’s even sillier in person than the photos I’d seen. I like that they had to invent their own “8cm CD-ROM” logo?

Shuji Terayama - Throw Away Your Books, Riot in the Streets (Voyager Japan, 1994)

I bring you wonderful news: Ganbare Dog-chan *rules*. This isn’t the cryptid game from earlier, but it *is* cool and cute. Please look forward to my writeup, because I look forward to writing it.

Setup instructions from the manual of Ganbare! Dog-chan (Bandai/Emotion Digital Software, Mac/Windows, 1995)

This is an utterly over the top package for why I thought was going to be a jewel case with a single CD. Please look forward to me documenting it!

Looks like Apple’s removed the ability to ignore the macOS 10.15 upgrade nag in the latest 10.14 security update. If you’re on 10.14 and choose not to upgrade, looking for system updates is just going to present you with an “upgrade now” nag forever.

This logo represents everything I want to achieve in this world

Hey, what is with this CD? I guess that’s technically a thing you could do but wow, who decided to go out of their way to press a disc like this?

It’s extremely important that I show you the Serangoon Junior College Library website, which is hosted on Tripod and untouched since 1998 srjc_library.tripod.com

Now that Slack have reinvented themselves as remote-work experts, do you figure they’ll keep letting their employees work remotely after they no longer *have* to? Or will everyone have to pile right back into the office?

Wanted to support local bookstores right now, so I bought a couple of books I’d been meaning to read via bike delivery from The Paper Hound 💖

Really good news: BC is waiving the normal MSP waiting period for people returning to BC from areas with bad COVID-19 outbreaks, and also extending MSP to people who have been out of the province long enough to lose coverage. cbc.ca/news/canada/british-col

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