Ban Time Travel “Now” (web button, unknown author, published on Geocities ca late 1990s or early 2000s)

Anyone know if this Alan Kay CD-ROM was published in English? The package credits Openbook and Voyager Japan, I’m unclear if it’s a translation of something.

Neko ROM (CD-ROM art collection of Makoto Muramatsu’s cat art, Big Comic, 1997)

Play With Squeak (from the book of the same title by Thoru Yamamoto, 2003)

I love this drawing of a computer by A. Katsube in this 1994 newsletter! (Flanker no. 9, 1994)

How-Two Build a Robot! (Christopher G. Gunn, DOS, 1989)

Loving the incredibly charming over-the-topness of this 3D book viewer which recreates a book in 3D inside a 3D Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library with its own book pedestal, magifying glass, etc.

Very grateful I was able to pick up the latest book by two of my favourite creators - author Yoko Tawada and artist Ikuko Mizokami. This book is gorgeous!

Just came across a CD-ROM with a virtual BBS on it. You connect with a little faux client and everything is presented as though you’d really dialled in. Anyone ever see something like that before? It’s pretty cute!

Remember those Australian Mac archive CDs from the other day? They’re now available for anyone to download on the Internet Archive! Six CDs total of Australian Mac data for you to discover.

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