Fun with modern web design: this is how much of a Guardian page I can actually view the first time I visit.

It’s cool that upgrading to Catalina means software that came out *two months ago* will stop working.

Got my ballot! If I can go to the embassy to vote from another country, you can go to your local polling centre. This is an important election; please vote.

Slightly disturbed to see an X11 startup screen on my seat back screen

Making progress! That second screenshot will look wrong, but that’s because I’m not decoding multi-byte text yet. This *is* using the right strings now, so once I get the right font and text decoding in, it’ll look great.

I like how this Docker hub downtime was so famous that Google now links to the one incident for “docker hub status” instead of the main Docker status page.

This introduces the new single-column view. If you have an existing account, you can switch to it by unselecting this preference:


We're back! To test the new features, here's a photo of a floppy disk.

For sale: Pioneer Elite CLD-95 LD player. In good working condition, with occasional side change hitches. High-end model with composite/S-video/optical outputs. Available for pickup in Vancouver or to ship; I have a box that should protect it well.

Hi! I have a CLD-95 laserdisc player for sale. It’s a high-end model I’m willing to part with for a good price. Please let me know if you’re interested!

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