@quephird Had an espresso martini stout and it immediately made me think of you!

Neko no Dayan: Dayan in Wonderland (Wachifield/Glams Interactive, Photo CD, 1995)

Brian Fitzgerand’s All New Super Taxman 2 (HAL Labs, Apple II, 1981)

Beyond the Time (Tsuga Takeuchi, published by A & P Coordinator, Mac/Windows, 1996)

The Reactive Square (John Maeda, Digitalogue, 1995)

I bought a CD from Mercari… and it turned out to be autographed by Kenso Kato himself?! I don’t know how I got that lucky.

Ran into an interactive storybook implemented as a Kodak Photo CD - complete with sound! Really interesting tech choice... love that period when people were feeling out what technologies were even possible

Ayrton Senna Personal Talk: Message For the Future (Sega, Saturn, 1995)

I have a few things I really want to revisit when my Japanese is good enough… I might be able to muddle my way through Wolf Prefecture now, but being a more confident reader will help me a lot. And I want to re-experience Sepas Channel properly.

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Wait so this whole time it was called "Mirrorsoft" because they were owned by the newspaper? Had no idea

New blog post: I dug up a cancelled Mac game so rare, there isn’t a single post about it on the internet! You read it here first.

Spellgram would have been a CD-ROM adventure game from Bandai with a focus on symbols and hidden spells, and it was going to be directed by Takehiko Ito, the creator of Outlaw Star. Honestly it looks pretty interesting. I’ve included a gallery with every screenshot I’ve recovered.

Next up is a post on the extremely rare Mac RPG Elemental Force - it’s so rare there’s only two posts about it anywhere on the internet, one of which is by me! I also cover Moon, an experimental Myst-inspired adventure game by some of the same developers.

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Excited to announce I’m launching my new blog, “CD-ROM Journal”! I’m going to be writing about weird, interesting games and multimedia art. I’ve got a couple of posts I’m really proud of to launch with! I hope you enjoy and find it interesting.

First up is a post on Daizaburo Harada’s “AL: Artificial Life (Insects)”, a wildly experimental cross-media project covering a CG art book, a novel, and a game. I go deep into its inspirations and every part of the project.

Did some more Lingo hacking this weekend, implementing some simple stdlib functions. Was an interesting experience since it’s working at a lower level than I’m used to - not taking params & returning values, but pushing from and popping onto the stack.

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