What’s the best way to take fullscreen screenshots inside Sheepshaver? The scaling it uses means just using the host Mac OS screenshotting feature doesn’t work great. Screen Catcher is pretty good but it just totally fails with some apps, so that’s not 100% viable either. I’m hitting the point where I’m getting tempted just to add a screenshot feature to Sheepshaver itself.

@misty roger. capping resedit will cause it to bit the shed fwiw

@vga256 Snapz has been working great! Thanks for the tip.

@misty I could've sworn there was a way to do a fullscreen screenshot within CMOS, I think that produces a .pict though so you'd need to convert it afterwards with Preview or something

@koko The OS screenshot shortcut “works”, but since I’m also using Mac as a host the host ends up catching the keyboard shortcut and the guest doesn’t notice. I guess I could see if there’s a way to change the shortcut in the guest, but PICT isn’t my fave to put up with

@misty ah; I've only ever used the shortcut on real hardware, never knew that was an issue

@misty When working with a similar situation with an emulated Windows XP environment, a colleague of mine researched existing legacy Windows screenshotting tools and installed the best one in the guest system. Perfect 800x600 screenshots from an M1 Macbook! :) I can imagine there should be Mac OS screenshotting tools that work for fullscreen applications and can be installed into the guest.
If possible, you could also try accessing the guest desktop via VNC and grab an unscaled bitmap via that.

@misty …all that being said probably loads of people would be very grateful for good screenshot export in Sheepshaver! These hidpi screens are a curse all around.

@despens I’d been using Screen Catcher, but it has a tendency to throw a fit with certain fullscreen applications. Someone recommended an alternative, which I’m going to try out - might have more success with it.

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