I have a feeling finding the Macintosho (マッキントッ書) disks is going to be… hard. There’s limited information online, but tracking down even *one* of the disks is going to be a real challenge. Might be my white whale for awhile.


This was an exhibition held by new media publisher Digitalogue in the early 90s; they invited several prominent artists to create new interactive works on floppy disk. They were exhibited for about a month, and each work available for sale on its own floppy for that month only.

Some of the people involved have ended up becoming high profile (Takashi Murakami, Gento Matsumoto), but even then I haven’t seen any screenshots of the art, any sign anyone even has them beyond one retrospective on the exhibit.

The idea that there’s an early Takashi Murakami interactive work out there that *almost no one has seen* is kind of mind-blowing, honestly.

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