Do you think I have enough floppy drives

@misty Nah, even assuming that the li'l card on top is a FC5025 and it's usually attached to a 5.25" drive.

Where my SyQuest at? Where all the Iomega toys?

(I am being facetious.)

@dsalo Haha! The top one’s a Greaseweazle; it works with both 3.25 and 5.25, and it’s hooked up to the drive below it. That bottom drive is an LS120 Superdisk drive.

@misty Yep, I gots one too! Even got some use a few weeks ago; a patron at Verona Public Library was very happy.

@dsalo @misty I've never used a Greaseweazle! I'll have to get one of those

@wilkie @dsalo It’s really great! Been getting use out of it with the 70-odd rare disks I was sent recently.

It’s cheap, and you’ve got a choice of open source clients to use with it.

@misty @dsalo That's great! I'm definitely looking for some kind of more-open supercard... something I can maybe script a little better. this might be it.

@wilkie @dsalo It even supports writing to Supercard’s file format if you’ve already got tools you’re happy with that use it.

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