@darius Looking at the instructions to switch to Hometown, I see you suggest merging the Hometown tag into your local Mastodon fork. What’s the reason for merging it into the local repo instead of checking out the Hometown tag? Or is either fine?

@misty Either *should* be fine but I thought merging in would be safer overall if there was some weird local diff (in terms of throwing an error instead of failing silently) so that's the instructions I gave.

@misty I see you're on 3.4.7 but there are no database migrations between that and 3.4.6 (which is what hometown's latest release is currently compatible with) so it should be a clean transition from one to the other

@darius I’d meant to upgrade to the latest version that Hometown was based on but got a bit ahead of myself. Thankfully it looks like 3.4.7 was pretty small.

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