Fellow masto instance admins: it looks like I may need to change providers for soon. My hosting at Azure is pretty expensive, and certainly giving me a bit more than I need for a host of this size. What are other people using, and what are you paying? I’d love any advice you have to offer!

@misty if I just need a regular VPS I use digitalocean, gandi for DNS, and S3 for storage buckets

@misty currently running on, i like them pretty well

@misty $15/month base for one core + 4g ram, +10% for their automatic snapshots

@ayla @misty I'm also running on buyvm. If you don't need 4gb the 2gb tier at $7 is pretty good value. The only thing I'd mention is upgrades are not instant, you'll need to ping support. not a big deal for a personal server though

@misty I'm on prgmr for i think $10/month, but this is just for me and i'm not running elasticsearch (although i should bump it up to $20 and enable it)

@misty oh yeah, and i'm paying not quite $10/month for s3 and cloudfront for the media bucket

@misty single user instance on DigitalOcean, 4GB droplet just to keep things from OOMing, media in a spaces bucket, cloudflare in front of both.

@misty the virtual server is $20 and object storage is $5 for the first 250GB stored and 1TB of outbound bandwidth

@misty if you were to further optimize, it may be worthwhile to use a managed Postgres DB but I have everything running on a single vm.

@misty i'm running mine in a linode k8s cluster which is 100 percent overkill so don't do that

@misty You may want to check out, the service ran by fellow Fedi friend @stux, instead of outsourcing your hosting to a faceless megacorp that doesn't give a **** about you.

@misty oh, by the way, @stux, I love the new website design! I'm still considering to get a Stuxhost VPS!

@misty OVH is pretty cheap -- significantly lower prices than Azure for a single vm. They also have a large data centre in Montréal, and are quite reliable.

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