I’m hearing reports that the current Google outage is so bad it’s caused Google to bounce emails with the status for “this address doesn’t exist”. I definitely got GitHub and Kickstarter mark my address as “undeliverable”, which.. is very bad.

So, I guess… if you use Gmail, check every website you’re registered for to see if you need to reverify your address? I definitely had to reverify those two sites.

@misty protonmail sent everyone an email about it being like "this is a good time to tell your friends about protonmail" :p

@misty current? i thought it resolved this morning and was an authentication service storage quota issue

@misty I have had this happen to email I have sent today. It is bouncing, not temporarily unavailable and retrying later. It is bad. I don't even know how they had a switch for "automatically bounce if user database is down rather than queuing it"

(I am using protonmail so I mean messages I sent to gmail, not from gmail.)

@BalooUriza 5xx, yup. IIRC a 551 specifically. It’s having exactly the effect you think it would.

@misty'd think if they're having a hard time dealing with things and can't tell if a user exists or not because it can't reach the database it'd throw a 450 Try Again Later...

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