Anyone have advice on non-Basilisk II Mac emulators? I’ve got a game that seems to be *very* picky about what Macs it runs on, and boots up to a blank screen. According to the manual it doesn’t run on an AV Mac or PowerMacs.

@noiob I think that’s too *new*, unfortunately. It emulates Power Macs, which are the hardware this game says it doesn’t work with.

@bhtooefr Elemental Force, which is basically a cryptid. You can look it up if you like but you won’t find anything!

@misty Mini vMac has a Mac II version that might be worth a shot:

Also, in a Mac chat I’m in, a couple people are wondering if the manual may be wrong, and are wanting to test the claim on real hardware, if a copy of the game could be made available.

@bhtooefr Unfortunately it comes on a CD-ROM and requires a hard drive, so I think Mini vMac is out! Thank you though.

I’ve already dumped it and I’ll share after I’ve tried a few more things. Was originally going to do a writeup before a release, but if I can’t get it running… 😅

@misty Yeah, unfortunately, the state of 68k Mac emulation is woeful - there’s basically just Mini vMac, the Basilisk family, and then a couple really old things like Executor (for… DOS, IIRC?) and Spectre (for Atari ST) as far as I’m aware. (And SheepShaver is, IIRC, just Basilisk with a PPC emulator bolted on.)

qemu “has” a Quadra 800 emulation, but it doesn’t actually boot Mac OS successfully, only Linux.

@bhtooefr Arg, darn. Qemu what I was hoping to try next!

I wonder if MESS/MAME is any good these days…

@bhtooefr I’m investigating a few other options, but if I’m drawing a complete blank I’ll reach out again…

(My main goal is just to get enough information together to write a blog post before I publish the game for everyone, that’s the only reason I’m holding off sharing it widely for now.)

@misty Classic Mac emulation is a trashfire. Basilisk II is honestly the best emulator. I'm on-and-off trying to clean up mini vMac so I can add new features to it, but the codebase is a complete nightmare. SheepShaver seems to be closely related to Basilisk II, but I don't think it works super great. PearPC hasn't been updated in a decade and a half. ... that's it really.

@invis Yeah… I’m quickly running against the limit here. It’s unfortunate.

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