Hey, what is with this CD? I guess that’s technically a thing you could do but wow, who decided to go out of their way to press a disc like this?

@misty is the readable part the same diameter as a 3" mini CD? i wonder if it was made that way just to work better with slot loading CD players

@FimbulK Right? Someone linked me to another mini-CD that uses the same technique but it seems super rare.

@revenant It definitely does look like that diameter! So that could well be it. Were Macs using slot-loaded readers yet? That might have been why.

They could probably have made it as a regular CD for cheaper but it *does* have that cool factor going on.

@misty honestly yeah if all CDs had the unused parts transparent that would have been cool as hell

@misty because it's cool as hell. Not very practical I guess, but cool.

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