Something I irrationally miss about older media: being able to tell how much data is there just by looking at it.

I can look at the bottom of a CD or the top of a record and see how much is on it; an SD card is just an SD card. Bytes don’t weigh a thing.

@misty reminds me of those USB thumbdrives with e-ink-displays that show how full they are

@noiob I’ve never seen those! That’s conceptually ridiculous and also I love it.

@misty when I was a kid I used to wonder if the magnetic fields applied to a floppy made it heavier. :florp:

@misty The other thing I miss: Read-only media. Now you need a trusted computer to write a USB thumb drive to install. Back in the day you could write the CD on one untrusted computer and then verify it on another untrusted computer and be reasonably safe that it’s unmodified. You can’t do that with SD, as any of them could modify it again.

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