digipres.club service remains degraded, and may go down shortly. I've brought it up temporarily, and have a more permanent solution coming.


We're back up. We should be okay for a period of time; soon, I'm going to be migrating the server's primary hard drive to another server with additional storage space.

thank you @misty!!!! is there any way others can pitch in to offset your storage costs and admin labor? I know @joshuatj has a patreon set up for glammr.us, is there anything similar you have or would like to see?

many thanks for keeping the federated party rolling through 2019 🥳🥳🥳

@The_BFOOL @joshuatj Thank you! Currently I’m having it paid for fully via Azure credits I get from work, so I’m not out of pocket. If that changes, I’ll look at setting up a fundraising option!

@The_BFOOL @misty it was foolish of me trying to run two instances at once in the past. Glad to have misty taking on the hosting cost using Azure credits. On the glammr.us front, the Patreon cover most of the masto.host cost. Also glammr.us is mostly administrated/moderated by @elenarchivist nowadays.

@joshuatj @The_BFOOL @misty @elenarchivist I don't know how I missed the glammr.us patreon until now. I'm happy to donate to digipres too if the need should arise.

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