For the first time since Mac OS X 10.3, Apple have changed the default shell! Starting in 10.15, it’ll be zsh instead of bash. (It will be unchanged for existing accounts.)

From 10.0 through 10.2, the default was tcsh.

@demi @misty but, tcsh is so… ok, why would they change it to a shell that needs 4 thousand lines of config just to display a prompt?

n.b.: i haven't used zsh in a long time, maybe things have changed

@misty @staticsafe
Makes sense, they hate the GPLv3 and that's stuck the preinstalled copy of Bash at an ancient version for an increasingly untenable period now, it was either finally give in or switch to a non-copyleft shell.

@USBloveDog I sure would love fish being shipped by default, even if it feels unlikely!

@misty The Bash provided by Apple was anyway an old one and we always replaced it by the current release. Thanks Homebrew!

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