For sale: Pioneer Elite CLD-95 LD player. In good working condition, with occasional side change hitches. High-end model with composite/S-video/optical outputs. Available for pickup in Vancouver or to ship; I have a box that should protect it well.

@misty looks pretty! curious why multiple s-video outs was seen as a useful feature?

@gatewave I'm not sure what the use-case was! All of their pro machines had multiple outputs. To hook up to multiple TVs at once, maybe? Not sure if that would have been considered useful in school / pro applications.

@misty yeah, maybe it's just in case the user doesn't have a more typical splitting solution. how nice of them.

i've noticed that older hardware especially before the '90s often had extra parts/features that would be considered redundant or even luxurious today. decreasing profit margins, ruthless cost-cutting, and an evolving idea of the minimum features a given product required probably eliminated most of that, i imagine.

brings to mind the crazy number of ports on the original PlayStation 3 prototype

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