If you’re in Vancouver and you want retro tech stuff repaired, ask The Hackery to put you in touch with Jax. He did a great job on this.

@misty Oooh. The Hackery seems like such a neat place, yet I've still never been there. I really need to check it out one of these days.

@misty oh whoa cool :)

how much fixing did you have to do? I've seen a few youtube videos on Hi-Vision that suggest that the players are quite fragile

@ninjawedding The tray needed replacing, but thankfully I was able to get a replacement. Everything else seems fine. It was serviced by a Pioneer tech just last year so it was in generally solid shape!

@misty Nice! Here's hoping it lasts you a good long while then :)

Hi-Vision and MUSE fascinate me -- still pretty early days of DSP, and yet they were pulling off techniques like motion estimation

@karobit Now that I've got it home, I'm really looking forward to hooking it up to a MUSE decoder!

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