Does anyone know what the newest portable Mac that can natively run Mac OS 9 is?

@misty might want to cc @coryw as he runs a classic mac community

@calvin @misty

PowerBook G4 15" 867/1GHz, "Titanium". (anything referred to as "TiBook" with the hinge on top of the machine instead of where the screen drops behind the machine.)

In my personal experience: these computers are poorly designed and Mac OS 9 doesn't run any better on them than on much older and much more robust PowerBook G3 computers.

(Source: Owned one new, myself, in 2003, and replaced it with a 500MHz PowerBook G3 "Pismo" in 2003.)
Very few things were faster on the G4.

@calvin @misty

I have *heard* but have yet to be able to verify, that using an SSD (esp. on mac towers with PCI slots where you can add SATA cards) Mac OS 9 sort of comes into its own, and trips over itself a little less often. This would apply to something like an IDE/mSATA or IDE/M.2 adapter as well.

My personal recommendation for OS9 in general tends to be that it's not worth trackign down the "best" hardware because in relatively few instances is it ever meaningfully better.

@misty I think any PowerBook G4 that's made out of Titanium can run Mac OS 9 natively, any made out of Aluminium had to run it out of Classic.

At the time, for most software I preferred running it as Classic. When Mac OS 9 crashed, and it always did, it let me restart it faster.

@misty sounds like a job for Stephen Hackett. Don’t know if he’s here on Mastodon though. 😔

@misty @chartier The last Apple laptop to natively boot OS 9.2.2 was the 867 MHz or 1GHz G4 PowerBook discontinued in Sept 2003. No G4 iBook ever booted OS 9 natively.

Source: Mactracker app.

@peemee @chartier Thanks! I've read that a couple of albook G4s can do it too unofficially, but the Titanium ones look like my best bet.

@misty @chartier I have a small collection of older Macs, around 20 of them. Five of them are PowerBooks: a pair of "Pismo" G3s (500 MHz with 1 GB RAM; a 550 MHz G4 TiBook also with 1 GB RAM plus 15-in & 12-inch aluminium PowerBooks. These AlBooks are too new/powerful to be able to boot from OS 9 whereas the Pismos & TiBook can boot from 9.2.2 or 10.4.11. I also have a 2003 Mirror Drive Door G4 PowerMac than can boot OS 9 natively.

@misty @chartier My experience with the Pismo G3s makes them my preferred OS 9 device, not sure why I prefer it to the higher-specified TiBook.

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