terrible joke, I'm sorry 

@misty The unintended consequences of Erlang :)

That is a candidate for bug of the year

@JhenrySimpson @misty

This reminds me that I've seen Archivematica identify postscript files without extensions as plain text files, and I think it's because file outputs "Postscript document text" for postscript files, and lines 53-54 in fido.py have a fall back to x-fmt/111 if the file has no extension and "text" is in the output of file.


Fido may have changed enough since I saw this that this no longer happens.

@misty @JhenrySimpson I'd be happy to re-test this, document, and file an issue if it's still there. This was so early in my testing of Archivematica that I hadn't started to file issues.



That bug could still be there. Testing and filing an issue would be great!

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