I just completed "No Space Left On Device" - Day 7 - Advent of Code 2022 @mickylindlar

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@marhop ended up being too tired after the yesterday .... i gave it a quick try and then fell asleep over it. will have to catch up on the train ride today.

@marhop meh. i'm stuck on day 7 of . I'm sure I have a very dumb mistake somewhere ... the code works for the example given in the text, but not for the input file. i must've drained my brain somewhere along the lines.

@mickylindlar Have you considered that 2 directories may have the same name? That tripped me up for a while.

@fuddster @mickylindlar Yeah, I also read about problems with duplicate entries somewhere. I seem to have avoided these because I deliberately created (even more) duplicates when compiling the list, and because of that cleaned it up anyway. 😂 Maybe just turn your list into a set?

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