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Fun fact: each book scanned for the Internet Archive has a unique identifier, usually the title of the item, or its first 16 characters; the volume number, or 00 if there isn't one; and the first 4 characters of the author. So:

I want to improve my live API trainings, but I'm not finding examples to learn from. Have you watched an intro or advanced demo of an API that was helpful?

Join us if you'd like to attend and/or help to organize a climate grief event in Austin around the edges of the SAA/CoSA meeting landscapelibrarian.com/climate

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An example of the problem with crowdsourced tagging with no review. My favorite tag is "CHECK OUT MY SOUNDCLOUD FAM ITS FIRE AF MAN YOULL BURN YOUR HANDS IF YOU TOUCH IT (LIT AF) edgerton-digital-collections.o

In all our talk we too often elide the simple fact that Google are in fact dumb as fuck

Archive-It partners: HMU if you're so excited for 🌈 WASAPI💫 that you 🅰️ know what that is, and 🅱️ want a comments-welcome preview of the docs

Happy first anniversary to being called a Russian op by Joy Reid. Web archives, folk. They're real

Baby's first commit to Wayback master!! 🎉 It only took me 3.5 years 😅 Watch out now

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and just reminds me of the absolute brilliance and innovation from preteen/teens girls on the internet circa y2k, and how so many of us got discouraged from and pushed out of making careers out of this tech knowledge

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the stackoverflow "homage to the 90s" being so femme just reinforces to me how much of a coded-"neutral male" the space is, and reads to me that the feminine is meant to be a source of ridicule

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Last year, I wrote about an early, no-longer-existent website that was influential to young me for this “Museum of The Lost Web” project allegrarosenberg.com/school/ml 😍🖥

My rapper name is gstatic. This is a web archiving joke. Byeeee

Been a long time coming and I'm super stoked to finally share some bilingual web archives and outreach:

🇺🇲 archive-it.org/blog/post/2018-

🇲🇽 archive-it.org/blog/post/archi

Thanks to Natalie Baur for being that kind of collaborator we all aspire to be in digital archives and libraries.

“This economic stratification of digital library communities is counter to the radical, social justice spirit in which these initiatives were originally launched.”

Straight 🔥 all the way down


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