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TIL the WWW originally had a logo, and nothing else is better at expressing the naive academic techno-optimism from the 1990s than a design that looks hand-coded in PostScript and that slogan at the top.

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Something I learnt about only recently (it may have been on here): for many arxiv preprints, if you replace the "x" in the url with a "5", you will get a nice accessible html :html5: version!


Works quite well for reading on your phone in the train for example 👍

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This Saturday, January 21st we’re running an audio digitization clinic! Bring a cassette tape or record from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and we’ll help you make a digital copy for free.

Register for a time slot here: https://iffybooks.net/event/digitize-audio

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🐟 visit http://mackerelmediafish.com/ 🐠
and learn more about this illusive technology secretly powering the internet since 1996

Release 🚀 The Internet Archive upgraded our Vault digital preservation repository service to version 0.6.0 in December. Read the release notes for a peek into the features we're developing and what's on deck as we prepare for wider releases: support.archive-it.org/hc/en-u

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“What do we want in a research platform of the future?” Session I’m moderating at MLA, Jan. 7, 5.15-6:30 pm (#mla23 #s620). More info: https://infotech.mla.hcommons.org/2022/mla2023-s620/

It’s one of two sessions organized by MLA’s Committee on Info Tech #mlaCIT. The idea is to prompt scholars to get ahead of the curve: “Instead of just critiquing major IT platforms that higher-ed institutions commit to, panelists ‘lead with the solution.’” (My intro will be about “Thinking at the ‘Enterprise Technology Systems’ Level.”)

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Anybody knows a nice, general guide on online collaborative work? Most guides are about a specific product/platform, but is there something more broadly applicable?

Like: send messages with exact URLs instead of saying "it's in Dropbox", for real-time communication create channels based on projects not on people you work with, organize storage by time, etc…

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I'm starting to pull together write API documentation for updating descriptive metadata in digital libraries.

I've found the documentation from the Internet Archive to be very helpful.


Do you know of other examples in this space that you will share?

Here's a recap of the workshop we held in November, to explore and experiment with the Internet Archive's web archive collection data as primary sources for computational research: blog.archive.org/2022/12/13/hu

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when the project website looks like one of the very first websites—just a bunch of plain text, maybe a few hyperlinks, no color or images whatsoever—you know it's an essential low-level library that half of all software relies on

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Yesterday there was a presentation at CNI about LIBnft— “an R&D initiative exploring the impact of blockchain and the digital asset economy on library archives.” I think this is a misguided effort…NFT and blockchain technology are the antithesis of work in galleries, archives, libraries, and museums. I said more about why I think that here: https://dltj.org/article/libnft/

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Asked on code4lib slack but I'll ask here too: anyone have recommendations for a consumer grade NAS? I need to replace my Apple Time Machine eventually. I'd like something that just works, I don't need anything fancy.

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It was fascinating talking to Leontien Talboom and Mark Bell about their work exploring computational access to the UK Government Web Archive, you can read the first part of our discussion here: blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk/e

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Nice post by @b1ninch and Mark Bell of The National Archives and Leontien Talboom of Cambridge University Libraries about computational access to web archives and the UK Government Web Archive: blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk/e

Call for participation 📢 Collections as data: State of the field and future directions collectionsasdata.github.io/pa

April 25-26, 2023
Vancouver, Canada

Organizers are looking for folks at all levels of experience, working from all areas of the world.


birdsite, white supremacy 

Good a time as ever to re-up Heather Slania's "Managing Without Capitalism: Transforming Library Leadership in Service of Anti-Racism, Inclusion, and Equity." scholarcommons.sc.edu/newlibra I found it to be a helpful guide to sources, manifestations, and alternatives to white supremacist management styles at MPOW that I used to assume were just our unfortunate burdens at the intersection of tech, libraries, and social good

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I’m also getting more and more annoyed when library org or strategic planning writing has not read or engaged with “What’s Wrong with Digital Stewardship” as it has already done much of the work you’re purporting to do, you just have to fix it

Whomst in the -iverse has used Ithaka's Constellate platform for analyzing JSTOR and Portico texts? constellate.org/ Did you love or hate anything that I should know about while we develop tools for web archive text and datasets?

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