Been a long time coming and I'm super stoked to finally share some bilingual web archives and outreach:



Thanks to Natalie Baur for being that kind of collaborator we all aspire to be in digital archives and libraries.

β€œThis economic stratification of digital library communities is counter to the radical, social justice spirit in which these initiatives were originally launched.”

Straight πŸ”₯ all the way down

When teens web archive:


Listening to Carly Rae Jepsen and fixing thousands of Wix archives like a fucking boss tgif 🎢 πŸ–₯️ πŸ’ƒ 🎢

There is never, ever a time at which MPOW owes me less than $1K in reimbursements. It's hard y'all.

This early case study has everything I love about our Community Webs project, addressing archival gaps and silences in public history collections with web archiving:

I admit I've been in the non-profit services world long enough now to forget how easy it is for for-profit corporations to stomp in and claim whatever they want to.

Our K-12 web archiving partners *always* create the best collections:

Admittedly I was ahead of my time when I rocked this to my prom in 2002.

I hope that everyone involved in this stupid and wrong decision has a terrible weekend

Why in god's holy trousers would Google stop supporting formatted RSS views in Chrom(e/ium) by default? And what are they planning that is even worse?

34 years old and first time trying to exit vim 😳 tf have y'all been doing all this time?

TFW you're off for a week-long conference and your org's mail server doesn't support auto-respond.

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