I know I'm a bit late to the party but OMG😮 , all new in box! Pentium III. Voodoo 5 5500!! 512 MB RAM!


Result of a black box transcoder. 🤦‍♂️ Any ideas as to what were the parameters to get it so wrong?

Content from birb site 

IMAGICA dabbled with HDR remastering of Jigokumon, demonstrate the potential of film elements. I don't think it counts as anymore. It's more .

IMAGICA Corp Kensuke Nakamura, Yoko Arai & Satoko Sekiguchi giving live demonstration of the film restoration of Jigokumon (Gates of Hell) using DIAMANT.

Franz Hoeller, HS-ART Digital Service GmbH, on Stains - still a nightmare?.

What he call stains, looks to me like the infamous Asian green mould. Franz demonstrates the new semi-auto filter for DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software to tackle this nightmare.

Simon Lund, Cineric, on the elimination of cross modulation distortion.

Nick Deocampo on the Historiography of Asia's "Lost" Cinema. Last year it was 120th anniversary of the arrival of film to Asia. Sadly not many people bothered or remembered.

Adrian Wood on Lost and Found? Thirteeth Sultan. A curious case study of an unidentified film within a film! Noted as sepia tone and natural colour but all extant copies are in B&W. S/o to Todd Wiener, @rachaelfilm@twitter.com, Dominic Bekaert @b_olgado@twitter.com, ABS-CBN, @jchrishorak@twitter.com

"No film has ever come out in better condition after entering a vault."
Jim Lindbergh on FILMIC Virtualization Model for Digital Motion Picture Film Preservation: Harvesting more that is FILMIC in Digital Film Preservation.

"1910 film, 8 mins scanned by LOC. Left on its own, without much intervention. Looking good 107 years later."

I highly doubt the same film could survive as long in our tropical climate though.

"A film on Hollywood, made in 1928 with $98 ($1000 today dollars), is still with us today. Relatively little human intervention." -Janice Allen.

Janice Allen (Cinema Arts LLC.) on Digital Dilemma. "2000 years ago, Rosetta stone was created. It is still with us."

begins with an exhortation by @RetoKromer@twitter.com that data migration has a bright side!

and , see you soon at Bangkok! Gonna talk a little bit about digipres.club, glammr.us
@ashley preservation training (training.ashleyblewer.com/) and other awesome resources in my presentation on "Punching above your weight—Leveraging online resources".

restorationasia.org digipres.club/media/ZAywwje4wk

Wow Apple ProRes 4444 file is finally playable on "Vetinari". I know it was supported since 2.0 "Twoflower", but somehow it always end up as GREEN whenever I tried to playback. Glad it's working now.

Altered Carbon presents a unique challenge: How do you digitally preserve a person's complete mind—memories, personality or "soul"?

Image from thingiverse.com/thing:2783656

Wow, finally a better way to keep DPX/TIFF image sequences from film scans. Uses my favourite flavours MKV and FLAC. First release to be launched during FIAF Congress 22–28 April 2018 at Prague.

Thanks @retoch@twitter.com and @MediaArea_Net@twitter.com


Source: twitter.com/MediaArea_Net/stat

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